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Timber-frame churches of Kaszuby and Central Pomerania Region - Zabytek.pl

Timber-frame churches of Kaszuby and Central Pomerania Region

The collection contains a group half-timbered churches present in Kashubia and the part of Central Pomerania. The group includes small rural and town churches, built in the period from the 17th to the first quarter of the 20th century, using a traditional, half-timbered construction technique.

All churches included to the group feature half-timbered construction, comprised of wooden structural elements - posts, transoms, angle braces, and braces, creating a load-bearing frame of a building. Openings in the framework, or the infills, are currently mainly made of brick, and in a few cases there are still infills of the oldest type – made of clay. The infills are partially plastered and painted white. Sometimes the whole half-timbered structure is hidden beneath plaster or weatherboards. Towers of the churches are usually built using a different, post-and-frame structure covered with weatherboards. In some cases, half-timbered church naves were added to older Gothic towers of brick.