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Old City of Zamość - Zabytek.pl


woj. lubelskie, pow. m. Zamość, gm. Zamość-gmina miejska

Zamość remains an example of the practical implementation of the Italian theoretical model of the Renaissance “ideal city” which has no counterpart anywhere else in Central Europe.

The town was originally established as a private initiative of Jan Zamoyski, its form being the consequence of the implementation of a plan drawn up by an eminent Italian architect, Bernardo Morando, in cooperation with the city’s founder. A distinctive feature of this 16th-century town is that it combines a number of different functions: an urban complex, a magnate’s residence and a fortress. One must also emphasise the originality of its architecture, which blends Italian influences with the local tradition.

The fact that a trading route connecting the western and northern parts of Europe with the Black Sea led straight through the town has led to a period of great prosperity. Zamość was also multicultural by design, the surviving places of worship of many different faiths serving as testimony to its religious tolerance. Another important part of the entire complex is the Zamoyski Academy, which demonstrates the interest that the social and cultural ideas of the Renaissance period have aroused in Poland at the time.

Established anew,"in cruda radice&rdquo" the town retained uniform in Renaissance style, where the key components of its urban layout have survived intact, including the compositional and functional axes as well as the layout of its streets and squares along with surviving period buildings. The most significant structures which have survived to this day include, apart from the places of worship and the Academy referred to above, the residence of the founder of the town, the Town Hall and the distinctive system of fortifications.

The Old Town in Zamość was included on the World Heritage List in 1992 during the 16th session of the World Heritage Committee in Santa Fe (dec. CONF 002 X.A).

Entry made on the basis of criterion IV:

Criterion (IV):

Zamość is an outstanding example of a Renaissance planned town of the late 16th century, which retains its original layout and fortifications and a large number of buildings of particular interest, blending Italian and Central European architectural traditions.

The property is accessible to visitors.

Compiled on the basis of materials of the National Heritage Board of Poland 30-11-2015

Category: cultural

Building material:  ceglane

Protection: UNESCO World Heritage

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_06_UN.24