Palace, Pyszczyn
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A Baroque palace surrounded by matching landscape park, with former manor farm buildings located in the immediate vicinity.


  • 17th century - the construction of the original palace
  • 1726-1727 - construction of the Baroque palace
  • 1794 — alteration works
  • 1882 - modernisation
  • 2001 — renovation

The palace and the surrounding park are located in the centre of the village. It is believed that, before the current palace was built, another building of a similar description had stood on its site back in the 17th century. In years 1726-1727, it was replaced by a new, Baroque palace built for Heinrich Gottfried von Spätgen. Redesigned in 1794, the palace was subsequently modernised in 1882 and restored in 2001.

The palace is a three-storey structure with a tall piano nobile, designed on an L-shaped floor plan and covered with a hip roof with dormers. The façades of the palace feature Baroque Revival detailing: rusticated corners and the semi-basement level designed to resemble a plinth. Pseudo-avant-corps are positioned on the axes of the façades, adorned by paired Corinthian pilaster at the corners. A terrace projects from the garden façade. The main portal, designed in the Baroque style, is adorned with heraldic cartouches and the dates 1726 and 1794. Another heraldic cartouche with an inscribed date of renovation of the palace (1882) is embedded in the wall of the side wing.

The western wing is a two-bay structure with a vestibule stretching across the entire width of the building, featuring a groin vault in the north-eastern section; a grand staircase with a trefoil-shaped stairwell is located in the south-western section of the structure. On the second storey there is a large hall with a flat ceiling adorned with Classicist plasterwork decorations incorporating the family crests of the owners of the palace as well as the dates 1733, 1763, 1785 and 1812; other period features which can be found in the grand hall are the ceramic tiled stove and the original parquet flooring. A winding staircase is located in the semi-circular, south-western avant-corps. The eastern wing is a three-bay structure featuring a hallway with a vaulted ceiling of the barrel type as well as an ancillary staircase.

The palace is surrounded by a terraced garden which flows seamlessly into the park beyond. In the immediate vicinity of the palace there is a manorial theatre, while the southern part of the park conceals the Romanticised ruins of a tower as well as a manorial church dating back to the fourth quarter of the 19th century. The entire complex is surrounded by a stone wall.

Property of the Agricultural Property Agency (ANR). The site is inaccessible to visitors. The building may be viewed from the outside.

compiled by Krzysztof Czartoryski, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Wrocław, 11-02-2015.


  • Zabytki Sztuki w Polsce. Śląsk, Warsaw 2006

General information

  • Type: palace
  • Chronology: 1 poł. XVIII w.
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Pyszczyn
  • Location: Voivodeship dolnośląskie, district świdnicki, commune Żarów - obszar wiejski
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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