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Conical hillfort - Zabytek.pl

Krzywa Góra

woj. opolskie, pow. namysłowski, gm. Pokój-gmina wiejska

The hillfort in Krzywa Górze was most probably a mediaeval guard facility in the north part of the Silesian Cutting (Pol.

Przesieka Śląska).


The surface and survey research has failed to provide unambiguous data on the history of the site. Several pieces of vessels found in 1927 permit the dating of the settlement to the 14th century.

Location and description

The hillfort is located in a forest, in a strip of dunes stretching between the Budkowiczanka River and the Czarna Woda River, about 700 meters west of the north exit from the village, by a forest path.

The conical fort was set up on a quadrilateral plan with rounded corners; the dimensions are approx. 90x100 m. The central part of the site is occupied by a cone measuring about 45x55 m. The inner yard rises about 6 m above the bottom of the moat; it is uneven and oval in shape. The sides of the cone slope steeply towards the base. It is enclosed with a moat; its width ranging from 2 to 5 m. It is broken in the south-east section. Originally, it encircled the yard but over time the nearby road has largely levelled the moat ditch in this section. The rampart originally surrounding the entire site is very distorted as a result of past-time forestry. The width of the rampart at the base is 15-20 m and the height 2-3 m. It is discontinued in the south and south-west section. From the south side, an external embankment is visible of about 55 m in length. Between the ramparts, there is a moat of about 30 m in length. Perhaps, this was the original entrance to the settlement. The site is overgrown with trees.

Condition and results of archaeological research

The surface examination was carried out by F. Stumpe. The surface verification was done by J. Kaźmierczyk and K. Macewicz in 1958. During their investigation, they recovered some pieces of vessels in the inner yard. In 1972 E. Tomczak performed site measurements. The state of conservation of the fort is satisfactory. In 1989, a contour plan was drawn up.

The hillfort is located in a forest area, within the boundary of the former Stobrawskie Forests. It is one of the forts of the so-called Silesian Cutting.

The fort sits on an area owned by the State Forests. The site is part of a historic tourist trail in the Stobrawski Culture Park. Access to the site is possible by walking about 700 m from the north exit from the village of Krzywa Góra along a forest path west by the edge of the forest; the site is clearly visible among the trees.

Compiled by Krzysztof Spychała, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Opole, 11-12-2014.


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Category: hillfort

Protection: Register of monuments, Monuments records

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