Versal hotel, Kielce
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An impressive building of the former hotel from the second decade of the 20th century in a densely built-up urban area; architectural value preserved in the shape of the body and eclectic décor of the façade.


The Versal hotel of Marianna and Michał Wilczyński was built according to a preserved design by architect Władysław Pietrzykowski in 1912. It was erected in the area formerly belonging to the Szydłówek canonry, at the foot of the Castle Hill. The corner plot was situated at the intersection of Ruska Street (now Sienkiewicza Street) extended in the late 19th century, and Staszica Street created in 1906. Marianna Wilczyńska purchased the plot in 1910. Construction work lasted over two years. The hotel provided with central heating, sewage system and electricity was opened in 2013. The ground floor of the building initially housed a restaurant of Michał Wilczyński (formerly a chef at the European Hotel (Polish: Hotel Europejski)), and later a café of the famous confectioner Jan Król, which enjoyed popularity in the town. The upper storeys were adapted for use as guest rooms and owners’ flats. Ownership of the hotel passed to the Król family, in whose hands it has remained to this day, by marriage of Wilczyński’s daughter Leokadia and Jan Król. In 1940, the Germans occupied the building for military purposes. After the war, the building was used as the seat of youth organisations and PSS “Społem” (the ground floor was occupied by the “Bartek” bar). Today, the former hotel is used for service and commercial purposes. The floor plan of the building and architectural décor of the façades remained almost unchanged. The wings framed the inner courtyard, whose south-eastern corner was occupied by a utility building. The front façades were surmounted by a masonry and cast iron attic decorated with vases; the attic has not survived to this day. In 2006, the building underwent renovation involving the restoration and conservation of the stucco decorations of the façades, among others.


The building is situated in the centre of Kielce, in a densely built-up area, on a corner plot at the intersection of Sienkiewicza Street and Staszica Street. It was built of brick on a floor plan in an inverted L-shape, has two storeys and a basement, and is covered with a gable roof. Two front multi-axial façades feature lavish uniform architectural décor. The most exposed outer corner was heavily plasticised by shaping upper storeys in the form of two loggias, one over the other, behind one common column. Over the roof, those parts are accentuated by a pronounced cupola topped with a lantern. The ground floor is rusticated in strips and is somewhat monotonous. The two upper storeys are densely framed by Corinthian pilasters in giant order, separating windows in lavishly decorated surrounds. The stuccowork is dominated by Late Baroque motifs. The balconies were adorned with lavish forged iron balustrades. The interior features a two-and-a-half-bay layout with two staircases: front staircase from Staszica Street and rear staircase from the backyard. The basement is topped with segmental vaults and the upper storeys are covered with wooden ceilings. The upper storeys have retained a layout typical of hotels — with guest rooms on the upper storey, on both sides of the corridor running in the middle and two (formerly three) staircases.

Limited access to the monument. The structure can be viewed from the outside. The commercial and service premises are open to the public.

compiled by Anna Adamczyk, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Kielce, 14-12-2014.


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General information

  • Type: public building
  • Chronology: 1912 r.
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Sienkiewicza; Staszica 31; 1, Kielce
  • Location: Voivodeship świętokrzyskie, district Kielce, commune Kielce
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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