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woj. opolskie, pow. brzeski, gm. Grodków-miasto

An example of the classicist municipal architecture with a preserved Gothic-Renaissance tower.

It is one of the most important elements making up the character of a historic, mediaeval town.


A stone town hall operated already in the Middle Ages; its remnants are preserved in the walls of the existing building (tower, part of the cellars). After a number of fires, the town hall was rebuilt in the years 1551-1557, in 1688 and 1840. Before the last fire, the town hall had been an extensive, yet outdated building - a new building was expected to be modern and magnificent and all that at a minimum cost of construction. The first design of the construction of a vast, four-wing hall with a courtyard in the middle did not come to fruition. A smaller building in a classicistic form was proposed by the royal construction adviser Philippi of Opole in 1836. The town hall was rebuilt according to his design and the original tower was maintained. About 25% of the construction material was the brick recovered after the demolition of the old building, the rest of the material was supplied by a brickyard.

The façade of the new town hall was about 35 m long. The building had three floors and was covered with a flat roof. It housed stores, a guardhouse with custody, the seat of the regional authorities, and the municipal scales. The first floor was occupied by a meeting hall. The decor of the town hall consisted of paintings and a stone coat of arms of Bishop Balthazar, the founder of the earlier reconstruction. The hall was rebuilt in the 1930s (the internal layout was altered). This project blurred the classicistic character of the edifice. In recent years, the town hall has been renovated.


The town Hall is located in the middle of the rectangular market, in the heart of the old town district. It was built on a C-shaped plan with the main entrance and side wings located on the south side, and the tower is incorporated into the body of the building on the north side. The brick staircase is in the middle of the main wing; an access passage to the vault is to be found in the north-west corner. The building has a partial basement and a single-bay layout in the interior; the corridor can be accessed from the inner yard. Some of the rooms are barrel-vaulted, the rest have wooden and contemporary concrete ceilings.

The three-storey town hall is covered with a gable roof over the central wing and the half-hipped over the side wings. The tower is domed with a two-level cupola with a ball and vane dated “1964.” The façade has three cornices - at the level of transoms of the ground floor windows, over the ground floor, and a profiled crowning cornice. The lower floor is the highest and covered with a shallow, rectangular rustication. Its windows are terminated with a full arch, placed in the arcade niches on the south side. The entrance in the central axis of the south façade is encircled with rustication imitating stone bossage and culminated with an interrupted cornice with volutes. The east and west façades are 8-axis and symmetrical. The north façade is 11-axis, with a rusticated avant-corps in three central axes. In the ground floor, there is a pointed-arch portal in an arched niche leading to the tower. The corners of the tower decorated with rustication reconstructed during the last renovation. A sundial can be seen on the south side. In the middle, four-sided section of the tower there are several windows; in the upper, octagonal levels, the windows alternate with round dials. The lookout terrace at the top of the tower is safeguarded by a stone balustrate.

The town hall interior is available during the office hours of the municipality; the building is freely accessible from outside.

Compiled by Ewa Kalbarczyk-Klak, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Opole, 21.07.2014.


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Category: town hall

Architecture: klasycystyczny

Building material:  ceglane

Protection: Register of monuments

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_16_BK.14844