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Gotic country churches of Żuławy Region - Zabytek.pl

Gotic country churches of Żuławy Region

The Gothic sacred architecture from the area of Żuławy includes mostly modest single-nave churches representing local architecture, which in the specific area of the delta of the Vistula river had to face significant restrictions in terms of land and materials (wetland, frequent floods, absence of stone material).

The process of development of Żuławy (in the place of great marshy pools between the delta of the Vistula river and the Nogat river), was ended as late as in the 10th century, by formation of a spite from the side of the sea. In the 11th and the 12th century, left-bank areas were included in Gdańsk Pomerania; right-bank areas were occupied by Prussian tribes. In mid-13th century (a pact between Sambor II and the Teutonic Order), the whole area of Żuławy became the Teutonic Order's property, which started a broad-range colonisation activities.