Church of St Anthony the Great in Wozławki, Wozławki
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Church of St Anthony the Great in Wozławki



Architecture of the church in Wozławki is in the group of aiseless rural churches typical for the Teutonic state. One of the unique elements of this structure is the chapel of St. Bruno with Baroque wall painting of the interior and lavish, mainly Baroque, interior fittings.


Wozławki were located under the law of Chełmno in 1357, although the first source mention about the village dates back to 1355. There is a mention of a parish priest in Wozławki from 1379. In the location document there is an information on the existence of a small church at that time within the area of the village, erected most probably of wood, which was not preserved until present times. The current church in Wozławki made of brick was built in three phases. In the first phase of the construction, in the years 1370-1380, the walls of the nave body and sacristy were erected, then, ca. 80 years later, the tower was built, and in the third phase the gables of the tower and of the nave body were made. During the erection of the tower, the eastern gable of the church was removed. In the years 1727-1728 the chapel of St. Bruno was added to the southern facade of the church; its founder was a canon from Warmia - Gotfryd von Eulenburg. The wall paintings of the chapel interior was made by Maciej Meyer from Lidzbark Warmiński, who is also an author of the illusory painting decoration in Święta Lipka. In 1788 the chapel was subjected to thorough renovation works. The renovation of the Baroque wall paintings in the chapel was carried out in 2011-2014.


The church in Wozławki is located in the centre of the village, by the road leading from the town of Bartoszyce to Bisztynek. It was erected on a rectangular floor plan, oriented, Gothic, made of red brick with the use of field stones in a lower part, with a tower added on the axis of the eastern facade. The church is supported by buttresses. The nave body and tower are covered with gable roof and ceramic roof tiles. Baroque chapel of St. Bruno is added to the southern facade; it is erected on a central plan, plastered and covered with a dome with a lantern. Gothic sacristy was added to the eastern part of the southern façade. In the central part of southern façade there is a bricked-up entrance opening. Western gable of the nave body was to a large extent dismantled already in Middle Ages due to the addition of a tower. Eastern gable is a pinnacle one, accentuated with blind windows running along its entire height. There are window openings, most probably made in the early modern period, with plastered surrounds, high and closed with segmental arch. There is a four-storey church tower, with uneven storeys, accentuated with blind windows of different heights, crowned with pinnacle gables - eastern and western ones. Pointed-arch portal is located in the ground floor. Church in Wozławki is typologically similar to the churches in Sątopy Barciany, Uników and Kwity. There is a considerable analogy with respect to the execution of the eastern part with the church in Sątopy, which may suggest the activity of the same workshop building both structures. The interior is aiseless, covered with polichrome ceiling with ornamental patterns. Chapel of St. Bruno was decorated with Baroque wall paintings with representation of Ascension in the dome. The most valuable elements of interior fittings are: Baroque main altar of 1725, performed in the workshop of Krzysztof Peuker from Reszel, the ambo dating back to the same year, baptismal font housing of the 17th century and two Baroque side altars. The oldest structure preserved inside the church is a late-Gothic sculpture of Virgin and Child with Saint Anne of ca. 1520.

The historical building is open to visitors. It may be visited upon prior telephone appointment.

Compiled by Maurycy Domino, 8.12.2014.


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General information

  • Type: church
  • Chronology: 1370-1380
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Wozławki
  • Location: Voivodeship warmińsko-mazurskie, district bartoszycki, commune Bisztynek - obszar wiejski
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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