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Bishop's Castle - Zabytek.pl


woj. warmińsko-mazurskie, pow. iławski, gm. Iława-gmina wiejska

An example of unique in its architectural form defensive complex of a castellum type functioning as a residence of a provost of the Pomezanian chapter.


First phase of the castle construction dates back to 1378-1386. Subsequent phase - 1390s and first decade of the 15th century. Although the castle got considerably damaged during the Thirteen Years; War, it was quickly reconstructed. After secularisation of Prussia, the structure became the property of the von Polentz family, who extended it. In 1699 the castle became the property of the Fick von Finckenstein family, the representatives of which resided in it until 1945. During that time a new residential building was erected within the area of the complex. In the 1960s protective works were carried out in the castle and also the debris was removed from castle wings. From that time the castle remains in the form of permanent ruin and is not used.


Quadrangular complex of the castle in Szymbark was set on a trapezoid floor plan with the dimensions of 75 x 92 m. The total area of the complex equaled 6000 m2. Castle walls were made of brick and were supported by stone foundations. Eight towers were integrated into the peripheral walls - each one in different architectural form. Access gate was located in the eastern wing and was flanked by the tower. In the 16th century a wooden drawbridge leading to the castle was replaced with a brick bridge supported by four arcades. Castle buildings were erected along the defensive walls in such a manner that the utility infrastructure was located along the western wing, and the residential buildings were located in the southern and eastern wing. After the castle was taken over by the Polentz and Finckenstein families, it was given the character of representative residence. Despite the state of ruin, the structure still constitutes a monumental and architecturally unique form in the surrounding landscape.

The castle is the property of a private owner, is not used, access only from the outside

Compiled by Hanna Mackiewicz, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Olsztyn, 23.09.2014.


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Category: castle

Architecture: gotycki

Building material:  ceglane

Protection: Register of monuments

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_28_BK.136126