The Complex of rosary chapels, Święta Lipka
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The only complex of roadside, Baroque rosary chapels in the region, with a valuable stone sculpture complex. It constitutes a significant evidence of religious and cultural life of Warmia.


The complex of 15 chapels situated by the pilgrimage route leading from Reszel to Święta Lipka was built at the beginning of the 1930s as a supplemental element for the pilgrimage program, as well as the architectural sanctuary of Święta Lipka consisting of a church (1687-1693, completion of facade - 1725), cloister arcade with corner chapels (1694-1708) and a religious house (1695-1698). As the only ones in Warmia they have a valuable complex of Baroque stone sculpture with representations of the Mysteries of the Rosary made ca. 1734 by Jan Frey from Braniewo and Jan Chrystian Schmidt from Reszel. Renovated numerous times, and even transformed, starting already from the 18th century, and also in the 19th and 20th century, which is evidenced, among other things, by the flags with dates placed on the roof ridges.


Chapel complex is located by the former pilgrimage route from Reszel to Święta Lipka. It mostly runs along the current road from Reszel to Kętrzyn, only on the last section, where 2 chapels are placed, it runs through the forest. The chapels are located at both sides of the road, usually alternately. They are made of brick, plastered, set on a rectangular floor plan, mostly covered with gable roofs, only three of them are covered with a hip roof, with ceramic tiles. Architectural composition of the building is almost uniform, small difference occur in detail, performed in more or less art forms. In the front part, in the centre there is a niche closed with a round arch flanked by pilasters with imposts, entirely crowned with a triangular gable separated from the gable by means of a little roof covered with tiles. In the niches there are shallow, almost square blind windows, in which reliefs with representations of the Mysteries of the Rosary are placed. Starting from Reszel in subsequent chapels these are: Annunciation, Visitation, Birth of Christ, Presentation of Jesus in the temple, Finding of the twelve-year-old Jesus in the temple, Prayer in Gethsemane, Flagellation, Coronation with Thorns, Christ Carrying the Cross, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Ascension, Descent of the Holy Spirit, Assumption, Coronation of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Accessible historic structure.

Compiled by Marzena Zwierowicz , 5.12.2014.


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General information

  • Type: sacral architecture
  • Chronology: 1733-1735
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Święta Lipka
  • Location: Voivodeship warmińsko-mazurskie, district kętrzyński, commune Reszel - obszar wiejski
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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