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Villa with garden - Zabytek.pl

Villa with garden

villa Sopot

Sopot, Tadeusza Kościuszki 41

woj. pomorskie, pow. Sopot, gm. Sopot

It is an example of a spectacular villa complex distinctive for Sopot, which in the 19th and 20th century was a dynamically developing resort.

The villa and the gazebo feature stylistically consistent neoclassical architecture. The form of the gazebo, reminiscent of an ancient temple, is exceptional in Sopot.


The villa was erected in 1891-1892, according to a design by architect Wilhelm Werner. Leon Władysław Piotrowski, a land and factory owner, who possessed also e.g. the sugar refinery “Michałów” in the Leszno village near Warsaw, was the owner of the building. In 1897, a gazebo was built next to the villa. It was erected based on the design by Carl Cupperschmitt; however, during the construction, numerous changes were introduced into the project. The real estate frequently changed its owner. Around the period of World War I, it belonged to merchant Ernst Kreft, and about 1930 - to baroness Sophie von Manteuffel-Szoege. Before World War II, Danish consul Lucjan Byczkowski resided in the building. After 1939, the property was bought by Swedish merchant Goest Gahlnbaeck. After the war till 1960, it was the residence of the Swedish consul and thereafter, till 1966, of the Brazilian consul. Since then, the property has been in private hands.


The villa complex is located in the area of Dolny Sopot. It is located in the eastern frontage of Kościuszki street, at the corner of Władysława IV street. It is surrounded by well-spaced villas and boarding houses and their gardens. The complex is comprised of a villa, a gazebo, and a garden. The villa is situated side-gabled towards Kościuszki street, and from the south, west, and north, it is surrounded by a garden. The gazebo is located to the south-west from the villa. Originally, the garden occupied also the eastern part of the property. Currently, however, that area is provisionally developed and functions as a driveway and a parking space. From Kościuszki street, the property is enclosed with a decorative metal picket fence with a gate, and from other sides, with a wire fence.

The villa and the gazebo were built in the neoclassical style. Both buildings are made of brick. The villa was erected on a rectangular floor plan, with an avant-corps on the eastern and western axes, and an annexe with a staircase inside from the north. The building is a two-storey structure. The main body, the avant-corps, and the annexe are covered with separate gable roofs of a small gradient. The western and eastern façades are symmetrical. Symmetry axes are accentuated by three-axial avant-corps, slightly taller than the side parts of the building, topped with triangular pediments. In the western façade, the avant-corps adjoins a triangular single-storey annexe with a terrace on the roof, preceded by another terrace on the ground floor level. In the eastern façade, the avant-corps adjoins a brick veranda, also topped with a terrace. In the western façade of the annexe there is the main entrance to the building, preceded by a vestibule in the form of three colonnaded arcades. On the roof of the vestibule, there is a balcony. The building features lavish neoclassical architectural decoration that accentuates its horizontal partitions. The decoration comprises of: a rusticated plinth, Corinthian pilasters, profiled window casings with accentuated keystones, panels with a geometric ornament under the windows, corbels, baluster balustrades, and vases.

The gazebo was built in the form reminiscent of an ancient temple. The back (southern) wall of the building is solid, whereas the other walls were replaced by open colonnades. The columns, with Corinthian capitals, support a full entablature. The building is covered with a gable roof, with a triangular tympanum from the front. In the floor of the gazebo, there is a fountain with a pool (out of order). The building is preceded by stairs consisting of a few steps accentuated on the sides by pedestals with vases.

In front of the villa, there are fragments of a terracotta surface in the form of a vibrant mosaic decorated with geometric ornament of an interlacing pattern and stylised acanthus leaves.

No visitor access to the monument. Private property.

compiled by Beata Dygulska, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Gdańsk, 24-11-2014.


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Category: villa

Architecture: eklektyczny

Building material:  ceglane

Protection: Register of monuments, Monuments records

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_22_BK.52215, PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_E_22_BK.318373