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Example of a 19th century post-and-beam (wattle-and-daub) cottage in a quadrangular closed homestead. Characteristic element of the village development in Pomorze Środkowe, within the area of the so called checked land.


The cottage was erected in 1825, which is evidenced by an inscription on the lintel of the front door „BH. P.S. 1825” and which is suggested by: architectural form, massive half-hip roof, post-and-beam wall structure type with wattle-and-daub filling, roof truss with handmade treatment of the building material and elements of window and door joinery. The cottage was part of the fully arable homestead that belonged to the Schmandke family, and the constructors were the local carpenters from the Maass family.

In 1910 - which is documented by the inscription in the attic - the cottage was renovated, among other things its northern part was extended by 3 m, roof truss was reinforced, the tchatches for the roof tiles were exchanged, and the chimney system was reconstructed. A multi-generation peasant family was living here at that time.

Currently the cottage, after partial modernisation of the interior, is used for agro-tourism purposes.


The cottage is located in the middle of the village, in the southern frontage, free-standing, set with a gable to the road within the peasant homestead consisting of several buildings.

The house of a wide-front cottage type, with eight axes, covered with a high half-hip roof, partially with basement, with a usable attic, with a fully preserved post-and-beam structure and 19th century woodwork and original interior layout.

The building set on a rectangular floor plan (19.4 x 9.6 m), with its front to the yard. The building can be accessed by means of two entrances placed on the axis of long walls.

Walls made in a post-and-beam structure with wattle-and-daub (clay) filling of fields, with a diversified interior design: long walls with exposed framework and whitewashed fields, southern wall is concealed by wooden boards, northern wall is plastered. Wooden construction framework is made of rhytmically positioned pillars, set from the bottom in the sill plates, from the top fastened with cap beams and joined with two levels of spandrel beams (eastern wall joined on one level of spandrel beams). Black and white chessboard of long walls of the building constitutes a main element of the facade composition.

There is an original roof truss in a rafter and collar structure with intermediate purlins and queen-post supports and additional rafters. Beam and clay ceilings are smoothly plastered, without a wooden ceiling and ceiling lining. From the front ceiling beams extend ca. 45 cm beyond the face of the walls, forming noticeable eaves.

Arrangement of the interior shows no significant secondary features: centre part (in the entrances axis) it is of two-bay layout, the parts near the gables are three-bay ones. There are chambers in the front suite and by the gables, in the back suite there is a kitchen, chambers and modern bathrooms.

A historic window and door joinery of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century were preserved in the cottage, with original strapwork performed by the blacksmith.

Limited access to the historic building. Private property - viewing of the structure interior is only possible by arrangement with the owner.

Compiled by Waldemar Witek, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Szczecin, 2014.


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General information

  • Type: cottage
  • Chronology: 1 poł. XIX w.
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Słowino 70
  • Location: Voivodeship zachodniopomorskie, district sławieński, commune Darłowo
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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