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The “Skorocice” rock and steppe reserve - Zabytek.pl


woj. świętokrzyskie, pow. buski, gm. Wiślica-gmina wiejska

The nature reserve is a picturesque swathe of natural landscape with a substantial research value, formed on the gypsum bedrock of the Nida river basin.


The “Skorocice” rock and steppe reserve was formed in 1960 on the basis of the disposition of the Minister for Forestry and Timber Industry in order to ensure the protection of one of the finest examples of a classic karst landscape, formed out of Tertiary gypsum rock deposits. In 1986, the nature reserved was incorporated into the newly formed Ponidzie Landscape Park Complex.


The nature reserve covers fragments of the northern part of the village of Skorocice; it was formed inside a ravine known as the Skorocice Valley and also extends to the gypsum hill at the northern edge of the area, forming part of a range known as Choteleckie Góry. The aforementioned ravine has the total length of ca. 750 metres and is split into two uneven parts by a natural rock bar, its average depth being between 8 and 13 metres below the surrounding area. The distinctive, visibly undulated terrain structure of the valley was formed by years of karst action and contains examples of nearly all associated forms, such as sinkholes, longitudinal chasms, drainless depressions, basins, tunnels, rock bridges, watercourses and karst springs. The area also features a large concentration of caverns and rock shelters, with 26 such formations being present across the entire reserve. These were formed by the water action of a subterranean watercourse known as Potok Skorocicki. At 352 metres in length, the largest of those caverns – the Skorocice Cave – is also the longest gypsum cavern in Poland. The nature reserve is a habitat of thermophilic, xerothermic steppe vegetation.

The site is accessible to visitors.

Compiled by Aleksandra Ziółkowska, 09-12-2015


  • Monografia Nadnidziańskiego Parku Krajobrazowego, A. Świercz (ed.), Kielce 2012.

Category: cultural landscape

Protection: Register of monuments

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