Granary, Rzeszynek
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It is an example of wooden manor farm buildings of land estates in Rzeszynek. One of the last structures of the farm buildings of the 18th century in the area of Kujawsko-pomorskie Voivodeship.


The granary was erected in 1709.


The granary is built in the eastern part of the village. It is a one-storey structure set on a rectangular floor plan, with an attic with two usable levels, with a gable roof with clipped gables. Wooden structure, built on a log frame with dovetail joints, with reveals in the middle of walls. It is set on a stone and brick foundation, covered with wavy, asbestos-cement panels. There is a beamed ceiling on the ground floor with a binder supported by five pillars and in the attic there is a beamed ceiling with two binders. On the axis of the front facade there is a rectangular entrance with board door with planks stacked in a shape of a rhombus, with iron studs, and also two small, symmetrically positioned window openings. There are three window openings in the rear facade. The gables are covered with diagonally positioned boards put in a herringbone pattern, with a pair of windows placed one above another.

Limited access to the historic building. The structure under the management of Nadgoplański Park Tysiąclecia - can be viewed from the outside.

Compiled by Kamila Witkowska, National Heritage Board of Poland Regional Branch in Toruń, 17.07.2014.


General information

  • Type: utility building
  • Chronology: 1709 r.
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Rzeszynek
  • Location: Voivodeship kujawsko-pomorskie, district mogileński, commune Jeziora Wielkie
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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