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St. Nicholas's Greek Catholic filial church, currently the Roman Catholic filial church of the Holy Family - Zabytek.pl

St. Nicholas's Greek Catholic filial church, currently the Roman Catholic filial church of the Holy Family

tserkva Rabe

Rabe, 34

woj. podkarpackie, pow. bieszczadzki, gm. Czarna

The church is an example of the nineteenth-century wooden church architecture with forms showing the influence of Latin/Josephinian architecture.

It is one of the few preserved sacred wooden buildings with Classicist features manifested mainly in the form of a post-and-beam porch added to the western wall of the narthex.


The tserkva was erected on the site occupied by earlier churches in 1858-1859. The tserkva in Rabe was a filial church of the parish in Hoszów. The renovation in the 1930s involved replacing the roof cladding with sheet metal. After 1951, the tserkva was abandoned (former inhabitants were displaced to the area of the then Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic (UkSSR) and replaced with the inhabitants of Krystynopol, among others). The church was temporarily used as a warehouse (for storing, among others, icons from other nearby Orthodox churches). Since 1971, it has served as a filial church of the Roman Catholic parish in Czarna.


The tserkva is oriented towards the east, located in the central part of the village, on a small hill, near the road from Ustrzyki Dolne to Czarna Górna (on the east side of the road). The church is surrounded by preserved remnants of a cemetery and a few old trees. South-west of the tserkva, there is a free-standing masonry bell tower.

The tserkva is a wooden log structure featuring a tripartite layout and consisting of a chancel, nave and narthex on nearly square floor plans. The north wall of the chancel is adjoined by a sacristy. The chancel is enclosed by a straight wall. The log structure of the nave walls is narrower than the log structure of the chancel and narthex walls. The body of the building is compact and dominated by the nave which is slightly taller than the other main parts of the tserkva. A skirt roof runs around the tserkva at half of its height. The roof ridges are of varied height. The narthex is covered with a gable roof with a pediment, the chancel with a three-sloped roof, and the nave with a double-pitched gable roof (with a plane step) with an embedded low hexagonal tholobate, located in the central part of the roof tented and surmounted by a false lantern. The walls of the tserkva are clad with wood shingles, whereas the roof planes and gable walls of the nave and the narthex are covered with sheet metal. The western façade is decorated with a two-storey porch with five posts on the lower storey and crosses of St. Andrew on the upper storey, which is much lower and imitates cloisters. Inside, the narthex was separated from the nave by an extensive clearing, and the chancel by an iconostasis. The western part of the narthex features the preserved original choir. The nave and the narthex were covered with ceilings adorned with crown moulding; the chancel is topped with a false barrel vault. The preserved fittings include an iconostasis with part of the original icons, and the main altar and fragments of an iconostasis from a non-existent tserkva in Lutowiska.

The building is open to visitors all year round and can be viewed upon prior telephone appointment.

compiled by Ryszard Kwolek, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Rzeszów, 18-08-2014.


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Category: tserkva

Architecture: Folk style

Building material:  wood

Protection: Register of monuments, Monuments records

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_18_BK.12149, PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_E_18_BK.175413