Teutonic castle, Nidzica
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An example of military architectural work of the Teutonic Order, consistent in design with the city of Nidzica spreading at the feet of the hill.


Probably, the first defensive complex on the hill in Nidzica was created already in the early 14th century, but its layout is not known. The construction of a brick border by the route to Mazowsze was started after 1370, and completed approx. 1400. In 1945, the castle in Nidzica was partially destroyed. In years 1961–1965, it was rebuilt.


A quadrangular complex of the castle in Nidzica was constituted by the main fortified manor, which formed the western wing; the eastern edifice with two square towers in the corners and two side wings — northern and southern one. From the east, the main edifice of the castle was adjoined by castle grounds, of which the gate house, a round fortified tower, and curtain walls (from the 16th century) have survived. Originally the castle was surrounded by a moat, and the courtyard could be accessed by a drawbridge. The main, most representative storey of the western wing, covered with stellar vaults, featured a chapel, refectory, and room of the castle administrator. In the 15th century, the walls of these representative rooms were covered with painting decorations picturing St. Veronica surrounded by angels, of which only small fragments survived. The northern and southern side wings were connected with the main building of the castle by the uppermost storey, which served defensive purposes. In the 15th century, defensive features of the castle were strengthened by an external line of fortifications with two low roundels in the northern and southern corner of the western curtain wall.

The castle houses the headquarters of the Nidzica Cultural Centre, a municipal library, the Museum of the Nidzica Region. One can find here also a travel agency, hotel, and restaurant.

Compilet by Hanna Mackiewicz, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board in Olsztyn


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  • General information

    • Type: castle
    • Chronology: 1370-1400
    • Form of protection: register of monuments
    • Address: Nidzica
    • Location: Voivodeship warmińsko-mazurskie, district nidzicki, commune Nidzica - miasto
    • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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