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Palace and park complex with a family cemetery in Godzikowo, currently a guest house and ceramic manufacture - Zabytek.pl

Palace and park complex with a family cemetery in Godzikowo, currently a guest house and ceramic manufacture

palace Nakomiady


woj. warmińsko-mazurskie, pow. kętrzyński, gm. Kętrzyn-gmina wiejska

An example of palace and park complex with valuable Baroque architecture with Gothic relics and large-scale park and landscape composition using natural surrounding features.


Originally, it was a Prussian fishing village by a lake which no longer exists today, a rent village chartered in years 1392-1396 by Balgan comtur Konrad von Kyburg. In the same time, in the vicinity, on a nearby elevation, a Teutonic fortress called Fliehburg was built. In 1642, Jan von Hoverbeck became the owner of the village and estate of Nakomiady, by order of elector Frederick William, and created a land estate on the hill of the former fortress. The first Baroque palace, on the foundations of the Teutonic fortress, was built in years 1664-1680. A significant conversion started in 1705, when at the initiative of Jan von Hoverbeck, junior, the present palace, Dutch Baroque in style, was erected in accordance to a design of an architect from Warsaw, Józef Piola. The park by the building had probably its start in the garden and vineyard connected to the first manor house and it received a geometrical shape. While its current form was shaped in the 19th century, he estate of Nakomiady in the landscape form with distinctive elements of regular composition remained in the hands of the Hoverbeck family until 1789, when it was bought by official Friedrich Redecker, soon to be appointed a baron by the king. In the inter-war period, the estate fell into decline. In 1932, it finally led to an auction and the estate was purchased by a new owner — Paul Gerhard Goertz. However the Redecker family remained in the palace and managed the estate until 1945. After the World War II, a State Agricultural Farm (PGR) operated here, and since the 1990s the palace with park and utility buildings remain in private hands. Since then, extensive revalorisation works on the whole complex are under way. Currently, there is a guest house in the palace, and the manor farm building houses the Palace Manufacture whose operations continue the activity of the 18th century ceramic manufacture.

In the neighbouring village of Godzikowo (former a manor farm), on a small hill, there is a family cemetery covering a circular area, created in the 1930s. Ashes of the representatives of the family were moved from the park chapel to the cemetery, and in the early 21st century, the last pre-war owner, Eberhard von Redecker, and his wife Marie-Elisabeth von Redecker were buried [there].



Nakomiady is located ca. 10 km to the south of Kętrzyn, by the Kętrzyn - Ryn route. The estate was built on an elevation with distinct separation into a residential and utility part. A square located in the centre is surrounded from the south by an approx. 6-ha park on the hill slopes, and from the north it neighbours a two-yard manor farm and a manor farm village The palace is made of brick, plastered, with two levels of Gothic basements. It features two storeys and a hip roof; façades feature 11 axes (4 + 3 + 4), and on the axis, there is a shallow avant-corps topped with a triangular gable; corners of the body and the avant-corps are provided with double pilasters. The arrangement of the complex is based on the main north-south axis. In the northern part, there is a representative forecourt and access way with on oval decorative lawn. On the east, crop gardens are located. On the south, there is a terraced park with many park enclosures, valuable old-growth trees (including monumental oaks, ashes, and tilias), with regular and free arrangement of park alleys, fragment of Gothic walls, neo-Gothic family chapel and foundations of an orangery, and a fencing in the form of a trench along the southern border. An important element of the composition are numerous links with the surrounding landscape, including a view corridor to the family cemetery in Godzikowo located 1 km away and the Gothic church in the village.

Limited access to the historic building. Private property.

Compiled by Marzena Zwierowicz , 12.12.2014.



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  • www.nakomiady.pl

Category: palace

Architecture: barokowy

Building material:  ceglane

Protection: Register of monuments, Monuments records

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_28_BK.149610, PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_E_28_BK.253753