Manor house, Mikolin
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The small manor house and farm complex in Mikolin was built using Baroque and Rococo forms. The resulting composition is similar to other palace complexes created in that period. It is based on an axial composition with a separated court d’honneur and a yard enclosed by a chapel building with volute-shaped curtain walls.


The first mentions of Mikolin date back to the mid-16th century. In the 17th and the 18th century, the estate belonged to barons from the Upper Silesian Larisch family, and in the mid-18th century, it became property of baron Jan Fryderyk von Sauer. In 1771, a Baroque manor house was built and the manor farm was extended. On the axis of the manor house, a chapel was built. In 1821, the estate including: Golczowice, Narok and Mikolin was partitioned and sold. The manor house in Mikolin was bought by count Henryk Beust. The next owners of the estate were: count Aleksander Ballestrem di Montalengo, count Sierstorpff (1862), and count Lanckoroński (1864). In 1876, the estate was purchased by Hans Ulrich von Schaffgotsch. Thereafter, the estate in Mikolin was inherited by his daughter (until 1945).


The manor house is located in the north-western part of the village, in a complex comprised of a manor house, a manor farm, and a park. The manor house building encloses a quadrangular yard from the north. On its axis, from the south, there is a chapel, and on the eastern and western side, outbuildings. Behind the manor house there stretches a Romantic park, created in the 1830s or 1840. The manor house was built on a floor plan of an elongated rectangle with the longer façade on the east-west axis and terraces on the central axis. The building is made of brick. Its façades are plastered. It is a single-storey structure with basements underneath, with some part of the attic adapted for residential purposes. The manor house is covered with a mansard roof.

The front (southern) façade is nine-axial, with the central axis accentuated with a shallow avant-corps preceded by a rectangular terrace with stone stairs shaped in a semi-circle. It is articulated with rectangular window openings framed by surrounds with label stops and decorated with panels. In the bottom section of the avant-corps, there is an entrance to the manor house, flanked with two pairs of pilasters and topped with a basket-handle arch, above which there is a coat of arms cartouche with date 1771. The first storey of the avant-corps is articulated with pilasters, between which there are three window openings. The avant-corps is topped with a semi-circular pediment with volutes and stone urns.

The park (northern) façade looks very similar to the front one. Its central section is preceded by a terrace with a plain metal balustrade, and on the fifth and sixth axis, there are porte-fenetre with a coat of arms between them. The top section of the two-axial mansard roof is similar to that of the southern façade. The four-axial side façades are articulated with rectangular window openings in surrounds with label stops. The windows are separated with horizontal panels. The manor house interior is of the two-bay type with a large hall on the axis, drawing room in the back suite of rooms, and residential premises arranged in an enfilade. Its architectural décor has been partially preserved, including stucco decorations on ceilings, fireplaces and tile ovens, as well as internal woodwork.

Limited access to the monument.

compiled by Aleksandra Ziółkowska, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Opole, 03-12-2015.


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General information

  • Type: palace
  • Chronology: 1771 r.
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Mikolin
  • Location: Voivodeship opolskie, district brzeski, commune Lewin Brzeski - obszar wiejski
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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