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Parish Church of St Michael Archangel - Zabytek.pl

Parish Church of St Michael Archangel

church Michalice

Michalice, 16a

woj. opolskie, pow. namysłowski, gm. Namysłów - obszar wiejski

The wooden church in Michalice has preserved the character of a seventeenth-century temple built using a traditional building technique, with rich iconographic decorations of wall and ceiling paintings.

Items of Baroque fixtures and fittings also deserve to be noted.


The construction of the church in Michalice was initiated by Fr. Jerzy Brzóska. Construction work was led by carpenter Miller, commemorated by an inscription on one of the beams in the nave. In the 1620s and 1650s, painted interior decorations were developed and paintings were executed on walls, ceilings and doors. The fixtures and fittings date back to the 16th and 18th centuries. The second consecration of the church took place in 1668 and was linked to the construction of a porch and installation of a choir gallery and benches.

The church was renovated several times. The painted decorations were painted over during renovation in 1879. Paintings on the ceiling and door of the sacristy were uncovered and renovated in 1914-918 and wall paintings in 1937.

Further work on the painted decorations (mainly wall paintings) was carried out in the 1930s and in the late 20th century. In 2003-2004, to better diagnose the structure and state of preservation of the church, researchers conducted an architectural inventory using 3D laser scanning and a colour orthophotoplan and photogrammetric inventory of painted decorations. Further components of the historic fixtures and fittings successively undergo conservation.


The Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Michalice was built in the centre of the village, on a small hill, as a log structure on a stone foundation. To the east, the nave in the shape resembling a square adjoins a chancel closed off on three sides with a sacristy to the north. The nave adjoins a square tower to the west and a porch to the south.

The present post-and-beam tower, which was erected in 1730 in the place formerly occupied by the previous tower, is covered with wood shingles. The chancel which is narrower than the nave is closed off on three sides. To the north there is a sacristy, and to the south there is a porch with an entrance to the church. Gable roofs and cupola of the tower are covered with wood shingles, and the lantern surmounting the tower was clad with sheet metal.

The interior of the church features the original painted decorations and complete fixtures and fittings in Mannerist and Baroque style. The walls, ceilings of the chancel, main portal, door to the sacristy and rood beam are covered with painted decorations depicting scenes from the Old and New Testaments, figures of saints, coats of arms, and inscriptions referring to the history of the church. They were created in at least two stages: paintings on the ceiling in 1624 and paintings on the wall in 1653.

In the western part of the nave, there is a wooden choir (1668), to which a gallery (1736) was added along the northern wall. The fixtures and fittings of the church in the original Baroque and late Baroque style is exceptionally rich: altars (1668, 1699), pulpit (1716), baptismal font (1737), organ (1736), confessional, founders' pews, figurative sculptures (of St. John of Nepomuk and St. Sebastian, among others), and paintings.

The church is in use and is open to visitors.

compiled by Joanna Szot, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Opole, 10-06-2014.


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Category: church

Architecture: nieznana

Building material:  wood

Protection: Register of monuments, Monuments records

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_16_BK.18595, PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_E_16_BK.19607