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Dovecote - Zabytek.pl

Lubiatowo, 23

woj. zachodniopomorskie, pow. pyrzycki, gm. Przelewice-gmina wiejska

It is an example of small architectural structures, which forms an integral part of the palace and farm complex.

The architectural décor is reminiscent of a historic palace and reflects utilitarian brick historicist architecture.


The dovecote (with a chicken coop) was built in 1902, as evidenced by the flag with the date placed on the turret. Originally, the structure was part of a palace and farm complex owned by the von Schönning family. There is no information about its architects or builders. The building was designed in a manner analogous to the brick historicist palace from 1890. After 1945, the property was parcelled out, and the dovecote was incorporated into one of private properties.


The dovecote is located in the middle of the village, on the southern side of the road, in the western part of the former farmyard, directly on the eastern side of the palace.

The architectural form and décor of the building are reminiscent of utilitarian brick architecture. It is a multi-purpose utility building (dovecote, chicken coop - pigpen), built on the floor plan of an equilateral octagon, has a two-storey (stepped) body, is topped with a brick turret in the form of a faux lantern with a flag [1902]. The ground floor features mono-pitched roofs, the second storey an eight-faced roof; the roofs are clad with beaver tail tiles. The walls are built of ceramic bricks and are not plastered. Window and door openings are framed by full-arch lintels. The ground floor is covered with ceramic segmental ceilings, while the second storey with wooden ceilings made of exposed beams. The façades feature a uniform design and décor, and are accentuated by brick details: strips, covers, panels, string-course and tooth cornices, and cross cross-shaped frieze. The interior is divided into several parts, including a corridor to a centrally located staircase. The preserved original fittings include an artistic metal flag - weather vane at the top of the turret.

The structure can be viewed from the adjacent farmyard. Viewing of the interior is only possible by arrangement with the owner.

compiled by Waldemar Witek, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Szczecin, 22-12-2014.


  • Bartosz D., Słomiński M., Katalog Zabytków Sztuki, województwo zachodnio-pomorskie, powiat pyrzycki, t. XIII, z. 1, Warszawa 2013, s. 92-97.

Category: utility building

Building material:  ceglane

Protection: Register of monuments

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_32_BL.30056