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Hillfort - Zabytek.pl

Krasna Góra

woj. opolskie, pow. opolski, gm. Niemodlin-obszar wiejski

The mediaeval hillfort is an important element of the regional history and of Krasna Góra.

It sits on a hill that was used as a palace park in the later period.


The settlement dates from the 14th-16th century. It was discovered in the 1930s in the park area.

Location and description

The hillfort is located in the oxbow of the Nysa Kłodzka River, approx. 300 m south-west of the palace and grange complex and approx. 50 east of the levee of the Nysa Kłodzka River.

The cone of the fort has an almost square base, flat surface and steep slopes. It is surrounded by a slightly lower rampart of 2 m in height, preserved in five sections parallel to the sides of the cone (double rampart in the west part) and separated from it by a moat. The north and south sections of the rampart are of a wedge-like shape and besides the military function, they may have been used for farming or commercial purposes.

The thickness of the cultural layer (i.e. a layer accumulated when the settlement was occupied) on the inner yard is 40 cm. The entire site is overgrown with deciduous trees and low-rising vegetation; it is hardly discernible in the area.

Condition and results of archaeological research

The settlement was described in the 1930s. In the post-war period, the site was examined on the surface in 1958 and surveyed in 1972 by Eugeniusz Tomczak, Sylwia Wuszkan, and Klemens Macewicz. In the cultural layer and on the surface, they found pottery pieces, animal bones, pugging, etc.

The site is open to visitors. A park alley is accessible nearby leading from the grange to the levee. The movable monuments are stored in the the Archives in Wrocław and in the archives of the Opole Silesia Museum in Opole.

Prepared by Ewa Kalbarczyk-Klak, National Heritage Board of Poland, Regional Branch in Opole, and Magdalena Przysiężna-Pizarska, 12-10-2014.


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Category: hillfort

Protection: Register of monuments, Monuments records

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