Pod Pająkiem Tenement House, Kraków
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Pod Pająkiem Tenement House



One of the best examples of the work of Cracow architect Teodor Talowski (1857-1910). The tenement house features patinated brick and stone detail, historic elements, elaborate ornamentation, and asymmetry and expression.


The tenement house was built in the years 1887-1890 according to a design and under the supervision of Teodor Talowski, as his own and his wife’s Anna house. The building project was approved in 1887; in 1889, an additional design was created, covering the corner turret. In February 1890, completion of the works was confirmed. The date 1889 is placed in the gable of the tenement house, its digits are separated by a Sun relief.


The house belongs to the first stage of work of Talowski as an architect. It is located at 35 Karmelicka Street, at the intersection with Batory Street, in the frontages of both streets. The plot is built up in whole by a two-wing tenement house with a small yard. It is build on an irregular floor plan determined by the shape of the plot, with a chamfered corner. The layout of rooms inside is two- and one-bay. The tenement house has three storeys, two wings, and basements. It is covered by gable roofs. In the corner of both wings, there is a polygonal turret. The house is made of brick and not plastered. The roof is wooden, of the queen post type, and laid with ceramic tiles. The turret is topped with a tented roof laid with sheet metal, and there is a gable skirt roof clad with tiles over the bay window. The façades are made of dark-red clinker brick, nearly vitrified brick, and ordinary brick, and details and ornaments of white stone. There are also special channels in the façade to facilitate growth of white grapes on the building body. The façades are flat, without architectural partitions, topped with crenellation, parapet with two gables, and enlivened by a bay window, corner turret, and decoration. The front façade from Karmelicka Street is asymmetrical. S-shaped decoration elements of the gable are present already at the first floor level (on the right side of the house). In its top section, there is a round opening with a spider on a web, and beneath, the already mentioned construction date with a depiction of the Sun, and a sun clock. Under the cornice located on the left side of the gable, there is an inscription, Fecit Theodorus Talowski, and a winged dragon. At the first floor level, there is a bay window framed with two pilasters supporting entablature and the cornice. On the entablature, there is an inscription: Si Deus nobiscum quis contra nos (If God is with us, who is against us). In the bottom section of the bay window there is a winged solar disk with two bird heads.

The building can be accessed from the outside.

compiled by Olga Dyba, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Krakow, 12-11-2014.


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General information

  • Type: tenement house
  • Chronology: 1887-1890
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Karmelicka 35/Batorego , Kraków
  • Location: Voivodeship małopolskie, district Kraków, commune Kraków
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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