Parish Church of the Holy Cross, Kozienice
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Parish Church of the Holy Cross



The church is an example of sacred architecture from the 2nd half of the 19th century. The building is also an important element of the urban layout of the town.


The first wooden filial church in Kozienice was built by Władysław Jagiełło in 1394. It was situated in a different location than the present church: between Nowy Świat Street and Czwartek Street. However, according to a legend, the building was destroyed already a dozen or so years later in a fire started in 1410 by duke Witold’s soldiers on their march to Grunwald. They are said to have plundered the place and, as a result, they were sentenced to death. The church was rebuilt owing to the efforts of king Sigismund II Augustu in the mid- 16th century. A hundred years later the building was burnt down during the Swedish Deluge, and rebuilt again in 1677. The church was moved to the immediate vicinity of the royal residence in Kozienice, near the cemetery of the Dehn family situated in the southern part of today’s park.The next wooden church underwent several reconstructions, which were founded by king August III’s wife Maria Józefa, among others. The last wooden building was demolished in 1869, due to its poor technical condition. The brick church of the Holy Cross was built in the present location in the years 1868-1869 under the direction of priest Józef Khaun.


The Church of the Holy Cross is located in the centre of Kozienice, at the junction of Warszawska and Jana Kochanowskiego Streets. From the main entrance to the church, from the side of today’s playground, there is a way to the north/east leading straight to the main entrance to the palace. It is a relic of the former 19th-century path linking the church and the palace. At the request of the owner of the residence, general Włodzimierz Dehn, the entrance to the church was placed directly on the side facing the palace, with its back facing the main street.

The three-nave church has a rectangular floor plan with a porch and a three-sided wide presbytery with two sacristies on its sides.

The decoration of the façade is simple. In the front façade, there is a two-storey central tower with the main entrance. Door and window openings have rusticated surrounds. The tower is divided by a cornice between the storeys. At the top, there is a tympanum and over it, a sheet metal bell tower with a 16th-century bell. The south façade features a blind window with a relief cross and a depiction of Pieta (1970s). The side façades are symmetrical to window openings and divided by pilasters.

In the church, there are historical fittings. The Rococo altars with sculpture decoration and paintings of Madonna with Child Jesus (17th century) and St Anthony (18th/19th century), a Gothic monstrance from workshop of Cracow (1587), as well as the painting by Wojciech Gerson titled “The Holy Family” (1888) and a reliquary (1784) with fragments of wood of True Cross are ones of the most precious fittings.

The modest church architecture was also embellished by rich modern décor. Wall paintings and the coffer ceiling date back to the 1960s.

The church can be viewed from the outside; inside, it can be viewed outside the hours of religious services.

compiled by Bartłomiej Modrzewski, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Warszawa, 27-10-2015.


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General information

  • Type: church
  • Chronology: 1868 - 1869
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Jana Kochanowskiego , Kozienice
  • Location: Voivodeship mazowieckie, district kozienicki, commune Kozienice - miasto
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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