Manor house complex, Izdebki
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The complex consists of a manor house, the ruins of a granary as well as a park. It forms a typical example of the once-numerous manor and park complexes of the Podkarpackie voivodeship.


The manor complex in Izdebki was established in the 18th century. Its owners included the Dębicki, Bukowski, Zaklika and Potocki families. Today, the complex consists of a manor house, a granary and a park. The manor house was erected in the early 20th century at the initiative of Henryka Zakliczyna, according to a design by Tadeusz Stryjeński, a renowned architect and monuments conservator from Cracow. The granary, on the other hand, was built in the 18th century, at the time when the manor complex was originally established. The park was most likely created in the early 19th century.


The complex consists of a brick manor house, a granary and a park; it is located in the central part of the town, by the crossroads, on the southern side of the local road, in the Magierówka river valley. The manor borders on a stream in the north and on other village buildings elsewhere around. The manor house itself stands in the centre of the surviving complex.

The manor house was built in the eclectic style and is reminiscent of an Italianate villa. It was erected on a rectangular floor plan 18 metres long and 15 metres wide. The front (eastern) facade of the cuboid structure features a recessed portico, while a small avant-corps projects from the western facade. The building features two steep gable roofs above the distinct side sections, connected by a third, traverse gable roof above the central part of the building. An additional section of the building abuts its main body from the north, at basement level, its flat roof doubling as a terrace. A flight of stairs leads from this upper terrace towards a lower terrace by the pond. The manor house features two storeys and a basement; it is a brick building with steeply angled roofs covered with beaver tail roof tiles. The manor house features a five-axis front facade; the remaining facades have four axes each. The facades are adorned with decorative window surrounds with keystones, decorative window heads and sills, cornices as well as exterior plasterwork designed so as to create a rusticated effect; faux quoins are also present on the corners of the building on the first floor level. The main entrance into the building is accentuated with a recessed portico with a pair of columns supporting a terrace with a balustrade.

The granary, located near the manor house, is now in an extremely dilapidated state. Only the remaining brick ground floor gives us any clues as to the shape of the structure, originally built on a rectangular floor plan. Little remains of the wooden first floor; the roof, originally clad with wood shingles, has collapsed and no longer exists.

The manor house is surrounded by a landscape park, featuring a substantial old growth of trees.

The manor house currently houses the Centre for People with Special Needs and can only be seen from the outside.

Compiled by Barbara Potera, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Rzeszów, 19.08.2014.


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General information

  • Type: manor house
  • Chronology: pocz. XX w.
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Izdebki
  • Location: Voivodeship podkarpackie, district brzozowski, commune Nozdrzec
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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