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Water mill - Zabytek.pl

Gruczno, Młyńska 4

woj. kujawsko-pomorskie, pow. świecki, gm. Świecie-obszar wiejski

An example of typical framework architecture of the region.


Watermill was built in 1888 by Hermann Albert Pauly.


The mill takes up the inside of a small plot in the north-western part of the village of Gruczno. Wooden framework structure with a brick filling plastered from the inside. It is set on the solid brick and granite boulders foundation. It was set on a rectangular floor plan, with an annexe from the northern side and modern ramp from the western side. A three-storey building with a basement, with a gable roof covered with roofing paper. There is a small weatherboarded annexe with a gable roof above the roof. The annexe is covered with a shed roof. Facades with a repeating system of pivots and braces. Between the storeys there are decorative strips of two-coloured bricks on the northern and southern facade, similarly above the windows of the eastern and western facades. Door openings and some of the window openings are in the form of a rectangle, the remaining ones are in the form of a square. At the top of the western facade - the front facade - there is an inscription: “H P 1888.” There are wooden ceilings, the floors are white, in the basement the floor is made of flat-laid brick, roof truss featuring a rafter and collar structure.  Communication between single-space rooms is ensured by means of wooden stringer stairs. The equipment of the mills was partly preserved, e.g. three grinders.

Limited access to the historic building. The property of the Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Dolnej Wisły - structure can be viewed from the outside.

Compiled by Kamila Witkowska, National Heritage Board of Poland Regional Branch in Toruń, 13.08.2014.


  • Record sheet of architecture and construction historic buildings, March 2003.

Category: mill

Building material:  drewniane

Protection: Register of monuments

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_04_BK.123443