Palace and park complex, Górki
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Palace and park complex



An excellent example of eclectic residential architecture, built according to designs of outstanding architects, Henryk and Władysław Marconi.


The palace in Górki Klimontowskie was constructed in the 40s of the 19th century — as it is traditionally believed, in the place of a castellum of Jan Zbigniew Ossoliński from the early 17th century. It was owned, consecutively, by Kalinowski, Morsztyn, Sanguszko, Denhoff families, and from 1760 on, the Ledóchowski family. The preserved palace was founded by the Ledóchowski family and designed by Henryk Marconi in the form of a neo-Renaissance Italian villa with corner towers featuring Mauritanian forms. In 1880, it was purchased by Stanisław Karski and converted before 1896 according to a design by Władysław Marconi. After the World War II, the palace with the park were nationalised.  After the fire in 1947, in the 1950s, the palace was renovated and earmarked for as school. Currently, after renovation in the 1990s, in remains in private hands. 


The palace and park complex is located on a hill, a couple of kilometres to the west from Klimontów. It is built on a floor plan of an elongated rectangle, has two storeys and towers in the corners of the front façade, and avant-corps situated on the transverse axis in the front and garden façade. From the side of the garden, it is preceded by a high terrace with a twin-flight stairs on the axis. The building is covered with gable roofs, its towers are topped with domes. The composition of the front façade and the garden façade is defined by pronounced avant-corps on the axis of the façades with a three-arcaded structures on the ground floor.  On the corners of top sections of the front and garden avant-corps, there are panoplies in the form of Roman armours. At their sides, on the level of the first floor, within the front façade, there are three-arcade columnar loggias and flat projecting bays, and within the garden façade, similar bays. The outermost axes of the front façade are framed with the western tower featuring neo-Gothic forms, and the eastern one, built in a neo-Baroque style. The ground floor of the palace is embellished with bar rustication in plasterwork.  The storeys are separated by a pronounced string course cornice constituting the basis for decoration of the first floor façade. The décor of the façade is complemented by stone and forged balustrades of loggias and terraces, and coat of arms cartouches.  Inside, hall and staircase on the ground floor and drawing room on the first floor constitute representative rooms, filling the space between the avant-corps. On the sides, there are subordinated, plain rooms.  Walls of the interiors of the twin-flight stairs, hall on the ground and first floor, and staircase, are divided by pilasters, framed with a socle cornice, and feature columns supporting ceiling beams. Around the palace, an extensive Romantic landscape park was preserved along with numerous specimens of old-growth trees, ponds, and landscape architecture, situated in an area featuring a causeway of the former exit road to the Klimontów and descending towards the former mill race. Beyond the ponds, there are preserved remains of the entrance gate and a gatehouse by the old route to Klimontów. The park is decorated with sculptures of St. Anthony and Blessed Virgin Mary, and a neo-Gothic arcade of the bridge over a shallow gorge and a "cave".

Private area, inaccessible.

Compiled by Marek Juszczyk, 14.12.2014.


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General information

  • Type: palace
  • Chronology: lata 40. XIX w.
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Górki
  • Location: Voivodeship świętokrzyskie, district sandomierski, commune Klimontów
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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