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Palace and park complex - Zabytek.pl

Palace and park complex

manor house Gola

Gola, 61

woj. wielkopolskie, pow. gostyński, gm. Gostyń - obszar wiejski

Gola was the hometown of Gustaw Potworowski (1800-1860), the owner of a local farming estate.

It was his initiative to establish Kasyno Gostyńskie (“Gostyń Fund”), whose objective was to improve the condition of agriculture and industry in Greater Poland through the promotion of the latest scientific and technical developments. The fund, which started operating in 1835, provided financial support to talented Polish pupils and students. The palace complex in Gola is one of the largest and most interesting complexes representing Baroque palace architecture in Greater Poland.


Gola was mentioned in written records for the first time in 1301. In the 1st half of the 14th century, it belonged to komes Mikołaj, the owner of Gostyń. It was owned by the Golaski family until the 16th century. Then, it was owned by the Zadorski, Olszewski, and Ulatowski families, and subsequently — from the mid-18th century — the Radoliński family of the Leszczyc coat of arms. In the 1780s, Jan Radoliński, podkomorzy of Wschowa, commenced the construction of a new, impressive, Baroque residence, which was only completed by the next owners at the beginning of the 19th century. In 1801, Ignacy Radoliński sold the estate in Gola to the starosta of Kościan, Andrzej Potworowski of the Dębno coat of arms. Potworowski completed the construction of the new residence in 1827, giving the building certain classical features. An imposing six-column portico was added at that time; it was dismantled during the modification works carried out in the late 19th and early 20th century. Also during those works, the main entrance was crowned with a Neo-Baroque gable with the Dębno coat of arms of the Potworowski family and an annex was built onto the east wall. The Potworowskis remained the owners of the palace until 1939. The last owner before 1939 was Edward Potworowski.


The palace and park complex in Gola is situated in the northern part of the village, on the east side of a road to Łęka Wielka. The palace, facing a pond, is located in the north-east corner of a landscape park. The compact building, built on a rectangular floor plan, has two storeys and a basement; its walls are made of brick and covered with plaster. It is topped with a high hip roof covered with roof tiles. The façades are adorned with horizontal lines in the plaster and wide pilasters. The rectangular window openings, regularly arranged, are framed by architectural surrounds. The front façade is the most interesting: the central part, having five axes, is decorated with giant order pilasters with composite capitals and crowned with a simplified Baroque gable incorporating the Dębno coat of arms of the Potworowski family. Above the first floor windows, there are decorative rectangular panels with flower and fruit motifs. The corners are adorned with lesenes. The original interior layout, today substantially modified, was characteristic of that period: on the central axis of the front suite of rooms, there was a vast vestibule containing half-landing and two-quarter-landing stairs leading to the first floor. Each of the side parts used to contain two enfiladed suites of rooms. The palace has a two-bay layout. On the central axis of the ground floor, there is a vestibule with a half-landing staircase. On the north side, there is a drawing room stretching across the whole width of the building. In some of the rooms, there are still the original ceilings adorned with stuccowork and the original floors. The palace boasts an impressive collection of antlers.The palace is surrounded by a landscape park covering an area of approx. 5 ha, established in the early 19th century on the basis of a mixed forest and modified in the late 19th century. In the northern part of the park, there is a large pond fed by a ditch, providing a picturesque setting for the palace. In the south-western part of the park, there are remains of an entrance gate.

The park is open to the public. The palace houses a hotel and a conference centre.

compiled by Beata Marzęta, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Poznan, 19-11-2015.


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Category: manor house

Architecture: klasycystyczny

Building material:  ceglane

Protection: Register of monuments, Monuments records

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_30_BK.156616, PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_E_30_BK.43865