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woj. dolnośląskie, pow. górowski, gm. Góra-obszar wiejski

A Late Baroque palace accompanied by the surviving northern outbuilding, redesigned in the Baroque Revival style in the early 20th century.


The palace was originally erected during the second half of the 18th century. At the time, the Glinka manor remained in the hands of the von Stosch noble family. In 1831, however, it was acquired by the von Zobeltitz family, in whose ownership it would remain until 1945. During the early 20th century, the palace was redesigned in the Baroque Revival style. It was subsequently restored in years 1961-1962. After 1977, the southern outbuilding was torn down. Today, the palace remains abandoned and its condition threatens an imminent collapse.


The palace is located at the north-western edge of the village, near the local church.

It forms part of a palace and manor farm complex, with remnants of the former landscape park still extant in the eastern part thereof. The palace is located some distance away from the manor farm buildings. The entrance is preceded by an impressive Baroque gate with tall, rectangular posts linked by an ornamental arched section made of wrought iron. The posts themselves had originally been topped with ornamental urns.

The palace was designed on an L-shaped floor plan, its corps de logis being erected on a rectangular floor plan with an expansive wing adjoining it to the north. The palace is a two-storey structure with a mansard roof. The façades are accentuated with broad giant order pilasters positioned atop a tall plinth and joined together to form semi-circular arcades. In the middle of the seven-axial front façade rises a three-axial avant-corps topped with an ornamental gable with a volute-shaped coping and flanked by additional volutes on each side.

A small, single-storey outbuilding with a mansard roof, designed on a square floor plan, is located ahead of the front façade of the palace, on the northern side thereof. A connecting section links the outbuilding to the palace. A second, identical southern outbuilding was demolished in 1977. The overall condition of the palace is nothing short of catastrophic, as the structure is at risk of imminent collapse.

The palace remains abandoned and poses a threat of collapse, which means that it is off-limits to visitors.

compiled by Maria Czyszczoń, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Wrocław, 30-10-2014.


  • Zabytki sztuki w Polsce. Śląsk, Warsaw 2006, p. 259.

Category: palace

Architecture: barokowy

Building material:  ceglane

Protection: Register of monuments, Monuments records

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_02_BK.78784, PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_E_02_BK.78498