Polskarob Office Building, Gdynia
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Polskarob Office Building



The office building is a remarkable example of functionalist modern architecture of the thirties, with striking naval motifs. It is located, unusually, in a residential district, but is harmoniously incorporated into the landscape. The structure is stylistically uniform and features a complex design: office building, garages, and garden with structural landscaping items.


The building was built in 1934/35 as the seat of a transport company (Polsko-Skandynawskie Towarzystwo Transportowe Polskarob). It was designed by S. Płoski and K. Krzyżanowski, architects from Gdańsk. The construction work was entrusted Inż. K. Krzyżanowski i S-ka, construction company. The area around the building was developed into a modernist garden, part of which has been well-preserved to this day (designer: Barbara Kaszycka). In 1939, a bunker was built according to a design by Major R. Fryszkowski (Head of the Seacoast Fortifications). During the war, the building was used at the seat of the Gestapo. After the war, the building was taken over by the Navy. A common room (cubature: 290 m3) was added in the south-western part, along the line of the original garages in 1960, with the character of the older part of the building being preserved. The design was created by R. Kolendo, Eng. of Architecture. In 1975, an antenna mast for the Civil Militia Provincial Headquarters (KW MO) was mounted on the roof.


The structure is located in a residential area in Gdynia, on the south-eastern slope of Kamienna Góra (the Stone Mountain), on the southern side of Korzeniowskiego Street. The building is a free-standing structure located on a large plot enclosed by a fence. The garden with a pond and walking paths were designed together with the building. The building has an L-shaped floor plan. It consists of three storeys, basement, and its roof is clad with a roofing felt. It is composed of two intertwining parts: two-storey south-eastern part and three-storey south-western part. The main entrance to the building is located at the junction of these two parts. It is additionally highlighted by vertical arrangement of window openings of the staircase and the curvature of the corner, which is characteristic of modernist architecture in Gdańsk: the rounded corner was originally covered with clinker bricks, not it is plastered (formerly dark brown), and the glass top floor extension protruding like a periscope, and in the entrance arcade — a round window which imitates a ship's bull's-eye. The wings of the building feature a horizontal layout of windows; in the soutern corner of the south-eastern wing is a semicircular glazed veranda with access to the garden. Garages are located on the western side. A mast measuring 15.4 was installed on the roof over the staircase. The mast rests on the walls of the staircase.

The structure can be viewed from the outside.

compiled by Dorota Hryszkiewicz-Kahlau, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Gdańsk, 28-08-2015.


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General information

  • Type: public building
  • Chronology: lata 30. XX w.
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Korzeniowskiego 8/10, Gdynia
  • Location: Voivodeship pomorskie, district Gdynia, commune Gdynia
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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