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Archaeological site no. 6 - a multicultural settlement - Zabytek.pl

Archaeological site no. 6 - a multicultural settlement

settlement Bierzów


woj. opolskie, pow. brzeski, gm. Skarbimierz

The metallurgical settlement in Bierzów, used and inhabited in the 4th and 5th century A.D.

by the people of the Przeworsk culture, as well as a residential settlement in the early medieval period, is an archaeological relic that informs contemporaries about the prehistory and Middle Ages of Silesia. It is an important material source broadening our knowledge on ancient manufacturing settlements in the Brzeg region. Iron “spoils” - semi-finished products for the manufacture of iron objects - were smelted from bog ore in ancient times at this site.

History of the structure

The site was discovered in 1975 and was marked with the letter C. It was verified in 1985 during surface research carried out as part of the Archaeological Picture of Poland (AZP) by the researcher Dr Marek Bednarek from the Institute of Archaeology of the University of Wrocław. Surface exploration allows to determine the chronology of the site at the end of the Roman period and the younger early medieval period.

Description of the structure

Location of the monument: the site is located on the northern terrace of the Kłosówka river, gently descending to the riverbed, about 1600 m west of the village centre (church), about 1000 m north-east of the highway, on the eastern side of the dirt road from Kłosów to Bierzów.

Site description: the metallurgical settlement of the Przeworsk culture and the early medieval settlement is located in the arable fields stretching on the right bank, slightly elevated sandy terrace of the Kłosówka stream, on plot no. 112. Relics of the prehistoric and medieval settlement lie beneath the arable layer, and archaeological artifacts, mainly in the form of fragments of clay vessels and various sized pieces of smokestack slag, have been discovered on the field surface. The outline of the settlement on the field surface is circular.

Progress and findings of archaeological research: archaeological site - the metallurgical settlement of the Przeworsk culture population and the early medieval settlement was discovered in 1975 by students of the Student’s Scientific Circle of Archaeologists of the Department of Archaeology in Wrocław under the direction of Dr S. Pazda. They found several dozen fragments of pottery of the Przeworsk culture dated to the D phase and early medieval fragments from the 12th to the 13th century. In 1985, as part of the Archaeological Picture of Poland, a surface penetration of the fields was conducted by Dr M. Bednarek and his students, and the research query was carried out by Prof. S. Pazda from the University of Wrocław. Dozens of fragment of clay vessels and pieces of smokestack slag were found in the field. On the basis of the artefacts discovered, Prof. Stanisław Pazda determined that the settlement was used by people of the Przeworsk culture at the end of the late Roman period, phase D, and in the younger phase of the early medieval period (12th-13th centuries). Archaeological artifacts were discovered on the surface of the fields. The site is destroyed by deep ploughing.

Visitor access. The site is located on private land. The area is open to the general public.

Author of the note: Compiled by Krzysztof Spychała, Regional Branch of the National Institute of Cultural Heritage in Opole, 05-07-2019


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  • Archives of the Voivodeship Heritage Protection Office in Opole: file no. A-681/86, and Record Sheet of the Bierzów Archaeological Site no. 6, AZP 25/86-31; collection of monuments and inventory book no. 1828, item no. 2505.

Category: settlement

Protection: Register of monuments, Monuments records

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