Inter-field infantry sconce Sch XI Duńkowiczki, Duńkowiczki
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Inter-field infantry sconce Sch XI Duńkowiczki



A partially preserved inter-field infantry sconce Sch XI has high scientific, historical and landscape values as an example of an auxiliary work of the group fort system. As a part of the system of fortifications which formed the Fortress of Przemyśl, it remains a historical monument of European importance.


In the years 1854-1855 fortifications of the first fortified settlement were erected around Przemyśl. East of Duńkowiczki village, in the northern part of the ring, an artillery sconce no. 12 of the FS (Feuer-Schanze) type was erected. In 1878 the old sconce was incorporated into the newly erected, external ring of forts of the Fortress of Przemyśl as a positional battery 14; later, its number and name were changed to battery 9 Jaroslauer Strasse. In 1887 the work was altered to serve as a positional battery 9. It is marked as Batt. 9 (Małkowice) on the Festung-Umgebungs-Plan von Przemyśl (fortress map). As part of the fortress modernisation, in 1896 it was planned to reconstruct the battery to serve as an inter-field infantry sconce Sch XI. The planned reconstruction was probably completed in 1899. In 1901 the fort was manned by 1/2 of the infantry company. During the first siege of the fortress (18 September - 9 October 1914) the sconce found itself on the left flank of Russian attack on the northern section of the fort’s fortification ring, but it was probably not under direct attack. During the second siege (9 November 1914 - 22 March 1915) it did not participate in hostilities. As a result of the third siege (19 May - 4 June 1915), on 2 June 1915 the sconce was captured by the German 11th Bavarian Infantry Division, after being shot at by the artillery. After World War I, the sconce fell into disuse. In the years 1920-1930 bunkers were demolished.


The sconce (Schanze XI) “Duńkowiczki” is an inter-field infantry sconce erected as part of the group fort system. The sconce is located on the border of Duńkowiczki and Żurawica, approx. 190 m east of the Przemyśl-Cracow road. The area of the sconce is approximately 1.8 hectares.

The sconce has a pentagonal floor plan, with a semi-circular round bastion flanking the gorge rampart and the entrance gate. The work is surrounded by a dry moat. Corners of heads and flanks feature two transverses that separate infantry positions in the sconce head from positions aimed at defending interfields. A rampart protecting non-preserved bunkers is located in the middle of the sconce. Currently, the gorge rampart, the round bastion and the gorge moat are levelled-out and poorly visible. The initial fort access road to the sconce led from the south, from a strategic road running on the northern side of the hill, on the backfield of forts of the northern part of the ring. The road was blurred after the construction of a large power switchboard on the southern side of the sconce. The new road to the switchboard (and sconce) leads from the west, directly from E4 route, along a former side mask camouflaging the route of the fortress road. The entire fort is thickly overgrown with plants - coincidence seedlings of trees and bushes. On the eastern and western side of the sconce, towards Fort XI Duńkowiczki and XII Żurawica, fragments of side masks camouflaging the route of the fortress strategic road have survived. In fact, the strategic road is located approx. 250-300 m to the south, south-west, behind the ridge of a hill where the sconce and side masks are located.

The sconce is available for viewing without restrictions. It is located not far from the “left-bank fortress route of the Fortress of Przemyśl” (marked in black) and from the cycling route running around the forts of the Fortress of Przemyśl.

compiled by Adam Sapeta, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Rzeszow, 27-10-2014.


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General information

  • Type: defensive architecture
  • Chronology: 1854-1855
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Duńkowiczki
  • Location: Voivodeship podkarpackie, district przemyski, commune Orły
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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