A Dominican monastery, currently the Pastoral Centre for Youth and a funeral house, Choroszcz
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A Dominican monastery, currently the Pastoral Centre for Youth and a funeral house



A monastery building, a church and a Baroque cemetery chapel in the corner of the area form a compact, Late Baroque post-Dominican complex. It was founded by Jan Klemens Branicki for Dominicans brought to Choroszcz already in mid-17th century. Their activity spreading across the vicinity was of immense significance for the development of the town and the blooming of religiosity.


The monastery for 12 Dominicans was founded in 1654 and equipped by Mikołaj Stefan Pac, a Vilnius castellan and a later bishop of Vilnius, at a church erected by his parents. The first prior of the monastery completed in 1658 was father Petroniusz Kamieński, the former first Lithuanian provincial superior. The monastery building burned down in 1683 along with the church during the fire that struck the town. Another wooden church and monastery buildings burned down in 1704. The new period in the history of the town and the Dominican convent was related to the purchase of Choroszcz estate by the Branickis family. Jan Klemens Branicki founded a brick church (1753-1758) and a monastery building designed by Jan Henryk Klemm, most probably completed before 1770. These buildings formed a closed quadrangle around an internal yard. The Dominicans administered the parish, took care of a hospital for the poor, established a two-class school at the monastery and established a large library. They brought numerous relics to the church, including the St Candide relics that have survived to our times. In years 1812-1817, a military hospital functioned at the monastery. In 1832, the monastery was disbanded and friars were relocated to Różanystok. The church was handed over to diocesan priests, and the monastery was taken over by Orthodox clergy in the years 1865-1917. In 1915, during the acts of war, the monastery building was partially destroyed. In 1918, during the renovation of the church, the eastern wing and the northern part of the western wing of the monastery were demolished. In the years 1939-1946, a primary school functioned in the building, while in the 1970s, the space was rearranged into flats, shops, warehouses and rooms used by the parish. Renovated since the 1980s. In 2010, a burial chapel was arranged in the rebuilt eastern wing.


The church and the monastery takes up the eastern frontage of the market. The monastery is located south-west of the church and is linked with it in the north by a broad archway. The building was erected in a Late Baroque style. Erected on a hoof plan, the monastery has two storeys; in the eastern part, it has one storey and a basement. The interior layout is composed of one and a half bays, with rooms in the external bay and corridors on the yard side. The rooms in the southern wing are covered with a barrel vault with lunettes, while in the western wing they are covered with a groin vault. Other rooms have beam floors. High, gable and three-sloped roofs with wall dormers covered with small three-sloped roofs. Plastered façades, on plinths, with a pronounced, profiled crowning cornice, rhythmically fragmented by flat lesenes. Rectangular window and door openings of different sizes. Inside, fragments of wall painting from the third quarter of the 18th century.

The structure can be viewed from the outside.

compiled by Joanna Kotyńska-Stetkiewicz, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Bialystok, 15-10-2014


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General information

  • Type: monastery
  • Chronology: 1770 r.
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Rynek 11 Listopada , Choroszcz
  • Location: Voivodeship podlaskie, district białostocki, commune Choroszcz - miasto
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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