Granary, Byczyna
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The neo-Gothic city granary in Byczyna is one of the first buildings erected after the filling of the moat in the close vicinity of the city walls. Its profile and and brick façades with a decorative gable are one of the most eye-catching sights in the city.


The granary in Byczyna was built in the 3rd quarter of the 19th century as one of the first buildings near the defensive walls, in the area of filled moat. Originally it was a stand-alone structure. Shortly afterwards (19th/20th c.), it was merged and shared the roof with a residential building adjoining the city walls. In 2000 it was purchased by a private person and now houses a restaurant.


The granary was built south of the old town, at the city wall, near the Piaskowa Gate. From the north, it touches the mentioned residential building, Wąska Street from the east and Wałowa Street from the south. Its floor plan is close to a square. The granary is made of brick and rests on a stone basecourse. It has a full-size basement, two-storey attic and is covered with a gable roof.

The façade bricks are laid in cross bond. It is supported by buttresses on three sides (east, south, and west). The front façade (east) is articulated by the alternating pattern of buttresses and a pair of small window openings; the ground floor has a 5-axis articulation with the entrance and a set of steps in the central axis. The upper floor articulation follows a 6-axis pattern with a blind window over each pair of windows. The west façade, except for the entrance, has a similar articulation to the east one. In the base part of the south façade (gable), a wide gate opening is seen in the centre. The articulation in the ground floor follows the 2:3:2 pattern which changes into 2:2:2 in the upper level. The top of the gable wall is decorated with recessed blind windows.

Originally, the interior was a single space on each floor with wood, beamed ceilings resting on two rows of wooden pillars. Today, it has been adapted to the new function and no original equipment of the granary has been maintained.

The monument is available to visitors.

Compiled by Aleksandra Ziółkowska, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Opole, 23-11-2015 r.


  • Karta ewidencyjna zabytku architektury - Spichlerz w Byczynie, oprac. PDZ ALMA, 2010, Arch. WUOZ w Opolu.

General information

  • Type: utility building
  • Chronology: 3 ćw. XIX w
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Byczyna
  • Location: Voivodeship opolskie, district kluczborski, commune Byczyna - miasto
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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