Boundary post, Prostki
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A boundary post from the 16th century, reflecting the history of the region and changes of state borders. History

During the 16th century, at the southern edge of the Duchy of Prussia - formerly a densely forested area - the process of settlement has intensified substantially, making necessary to delineate the border in a more accurate manner. Efforts to achieve this goal were made in years 1529, 1532 and 1540, although in each case they proved to be ineffective. In 1545, the Prussian duke Albrecht turned to the Polish king and grand duke of Lithuania Sigismund August, asking him to appoint a border commission. By way of the act of 19 March 1545, the Polish king agreed for the works to commence. In August 1545, the commissions appointed by Prussia and Lithuania met near what is now known as the Bogusze village, on the spot where the borders of Prussia, Lithuania and the Crown met, their task being to set out the borders between the states. In order to commemorate this meeting, a boundary post was erected, adorned with the escutcheons of Lithuania and Prussia and an inscription in Latin whose author was George Sabinus, rector of the University in Königsberg. In 1907, the plaques bearing the coats of arms were transferred to a heritage park in Königsberg, with copies thereof installed on the border post. Description

The post is located on the left bank of the Ełk river, at the top of a riverside embankment concealed deep in the woods. A small forest path leads from the main road towards the border post. The cuboid structure is made of brick and covered with plaster, featuring an almost square base (1.75 m x 1.80 m) with a tall plinth at the base and a profiled cornice underneath the gablet. The upper section of the structure features a triangular gablet with a gable roof clad with ceramic beaver tail roof tiles. On the front wall there are copies of the plaques bearing the coats of arms of Prussia and Lithuania as well as a rectangular plaque with an inscription.   Accessible historic structure.   Compiled by Marzena Zwierowicz, 8.12.2014.   Bibliography

  • Kawecki J., Ełk Z dziejów miasta i powiatu, Olsztyn 1970, p. 87-88.
  • Wiśniewski J., Dzieje osadnictwa w powiecie grajewskim do połowy XVI wieku , w: Studia i materiały do dziejów powiatu grajewskiego, t. I, Warszawa 1975, p. 224-225.

General information

  • Type: small architecture forms
  • Chronology: 1545
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Prostki
  • Location: Voivodeship warmińsko-mazurskie, district ełcki, commune Prostki
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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