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St Barbara Catholic Church Complex - Zabytek.pl

St Barbara Catholic Church Complex

church Bobrowniki

Bobrowniki, 4

woj. wielkopolskie, pow. ostrzeszowski, gm. Grabów nad Prosną - obszar wiejski

The church of St Barbara in Bobrowniki is an example of wooden ecclesiastical architecture of the Baroque period in Greater Poland.


The church was built in c. mid-17th century. Originally, it was dedicated to St Bartholomew the Apostle; currently, it is dedicated to St Barbara. In the 17th century, for a short time, it was owned and used by the Czech Brethren. In 1832, it was completely renovated by Hipolit Bielina. The church was renovated a number of times in the 20th century, e.g. in 1910, 1992, and 1996; the wood shingles covering the roof were replaced in 1956, 1972, and 1999. The interior wall paintings were made in 1957 and renovated in 1979. The chancel underwent major modifications in 1975. The bell tower was constructed in the 1st half of the 19th century.


The village of Bobrowniki lies 12 km to the east of Ostrzeszów. The Church of St Andrew the Apostle has a wooden log structure reinforced with vertical supports; the walls are covered with weatherboards. The single-nave church is oriented to the east; it has no tower. The nave was probably extended to the west; the chancel, smaller than the nave and terminating in a polygon, is adjoined by a sacristy on the north side. The entrance to the church, sheltered by a small roof supported by two posts, is located in one of the side walls. The one-ridge roof is covered with wood shingles and surmounted by a hexagonal steeple topped with a tented roof, also covered with wood shingles. The sacristy roof is covered with sheet metal. Inside, there is a flat ceiling. The newer music gallery rests on posts. On the walls and the ceiling, there are modern paintings depicting scenes from the life of St Barbara. The main part of the church has Baroque interior fittings. In the graveyard, there is a classical bell tower, made of brick and covered with plaster. Legend has it that the flower bed by the church marks the place where General Antoni Madaliński (1739-1804), a participant in the Bar Confederation, one of the leaders of the Kościuszko Uprising, and a participant in the Napoleonic Wars, is buried. In fact, the body of General Antoni Madaliński is buried in the Parish Church of Saints Peter and Paul the Apostles in Przybyszew (Masovian Voivodeship, Białobrzegi District, Promna Commune), whereas his heart is buried in Lubania (Łódzkie Voivodeship, Rawa District, Sadkowice Commune).

The church can only be visited from the outside.

compiled by Tomasz Łuczak, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Poznan, 16-11-2015.


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Category: church

Architecture: nieznana

Building material:  wood

Protection: Register of monuments, Monuments records

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_30_BK.162016, PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_E_30_BK.43929