A manor house on an islet, Bagieniec
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A manor house on an islet, surrounded by the waters of the nearby moat and pond.


  • 1370s - 1380s - Erected for Nicolas von Sachenkirch
  • 1620s - 1630s - Subsequently extended
  • Early 18th century - Subsequently extended
  • Early 20th century - Manor house was modernised
  • 1920s - Process of northward extensio
  • 2002 - Renovation works

The manor house is located in the centre of the village, alongside the road leading from Wiśniowa to Bolesławice. It is situated on an islet whose banks are lined with stone. From the side of the nearby road, the islet is separated from the rest of the surrounding terrain by a moat filled with water, which can be crossed using a three-span stone bridge. The moat is connected to the pond which surrounds the islet from the north.

The manor house was originally erected in the 1370s - 1380s for Nicolas von Sachenkirch. It was subsequently extended during the 1620s - 1630s at the request of its erstwhile owners, the von Ronau family, as well as in the early 18th century. The manor house was modernised in the early 20th century, while during the 1920s the process of northward extension of the house began, although the project was never completed. The manor house has been in the state of gradual decay since 1945, and it was only in 2002 that the renovation works have begun. Today, the house forms a picturesque, dominant feature which instantly defines the landscape of the Bagieniec village.

The mansion was designed on a quadrilateral floor plan as a three-storey, two-bay building. The southern section of the mansion is taller than the rest, its tall hip roof featuring a central steeple projecting from its ridge and incorporating a turret clock. The northern part of the house, containing the rectangular courtyard and a representational staircase, is covered with a low gable roof.

In the south-western one can still find the remnants of the former residential keep from the 1370s or 1380s, featuring barrel vaults on two of its storeys, one being semi-circular in shape, the other following the shape of a pointed arch.

The south-eastern fragment of the mansion, dating back to the 1620s or 1630s, features a stellar vault inside the vestibule as well as a barrel vault in the hall.

The corners of the façades are adorned with rusticated quoins. The windows are arranged in an irregular fashion.

Private property. The building is located on an islet and remains inaccessible. It may only be viewed from the other side of the moat and the pond.

Compiled by Krzysztof Czartoryski, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Wrocław, 22-01-2015 r.


  • Zabytki Sztuki w Polsce. Śląsk, Warszawa 2006

General information

  • Type: manor house
  • Chronology: l. 70.-80. XIV w.
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Bagieniec
  • Location: Voivodeship dolnośląskie, district świdnicki, commune Jaworzyna śląska - obszar wiejski
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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