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Castles of the Dukes of Masovia - Zabytek.pl

Castles of the Dukes of Masovia

The best preserved and at the same time the most interesting remains of castles of the Dukes of Masovia in Masovia region within its historical borders are located in Płock, Czersk, Ciechanów, Sochaczew, Rawa Mazowiecka, Liw, and Warsaw.

The dynasty of Masovian Piasts was started by Konrad I of Masovia who approx. in 1200 made Masovia and Cuiavia independent of Cracow. The dynastic line started by him contributed to the intense development of these lands, despite numerous threats from the Prussians, the Teutonic Knights, and Lithuanians. Descendants of Konrad I of Masovia divided Masovia into three smaller duchies: the Duchy of Czersk, the Duchy of Płock, and the Duchy of Rawa. In connection with the territorial fragmentation, many castles were built at that time, used for defensive and residential purposes. The most important castles of the Duchy of Masovia were erected mainly in the 14th century and the first quarter of the 15th century.