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Cherven Cities - Zabytek.pl

The collection presents hill forts and cemeteries that are remnants of the so-called Cherven Towns, a historical territory from the period of the beginnings of the Piast Poland in the 10th–13th century, covering at the present most of the southern area of the Lubuskie voivodeship.

The Cherven Towns, located at the border between the Piast Poland and Kievan Rus, played an important role in the historical process of the development of Polish and Ukrainian statehood. After years of discussions, currently historians assume that the area designated as Cherven Towns in the written sources (Ruthenian chronicles), was located in the interfluvial zone of rivers Vistula and Bug. The most important and largest of the Cherven Towns was Czerwień of which a hill fort in the village of Czermno, Tyszowce commune, has survived until today.