Łańcut through the eyes of the Potockis and the Lubomirskis
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Łańcut through the eyes of the Potockis and the Lubomirskis


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Enjoy one of Poland’s most well kept aristocratic residences, a walk around the pond in the palace park, and what might just be the most beautiful baroque palace in Europe: Łańcut Castle. The Łańcut synagogue is famous for being one of the few surviving example of four-pillar, vaulted Baroque synagogues in Poland. Enjoy a day - or why not a weekend? - in this picturesque Subcarpathian town.

Łańcut - zespół zamkowo-parkowy

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Start by arriving at the Maneż where you may purchase tickets and view paintings and other creative works by local and regional artists. Head to the magnificent palace and, if you happen to be visiting in May or in July, make sure to buy tickets to one of the concerts in the Ball Room, which also hosts the only remaining palace theater in Poland preserved ti this day. It was built in 1792 for Princess Izabela Lubomirska. There are three Palace floors to view; the ground, the first and the newly restored second floor. Make sure to catch Antonio Canova‘s sculpture of Prince Henryk Lubomirski as Amor, as well as the story behind it. Enjoy a leisurely walk from the Gloriette to the Orchid House in the park surrounding the palace park. The Orchid House also hosts a café - perfect for any coffee lovers and for those with a sweet tooth. It will surely be worth visiting the Carriage House and the Neo-Baroque stables, located closer to the Maneż. The Carriage House is one of three in Europe, hence it is quite the treat. There is so much more to see and enjoy in Łańcut, come Winter or come Spring, and it is a highly child friendly town. Welcome to Łańcut!

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