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The Holy Trinity Catholic parish church - Zabytek.pl


woj. podlaskie, pow. sokólski, gm. Sidra-gmina wiejska

A Neoclassicist (Tuscan) feature, designed by a well-known architect Józef Piola and built from funds of the Szczuka and Potockis family.

It has historical values due to wealthy founders, an acclaimed architect and artistic values.


The feature was erected in two stages: in the years 1705-1707 and 1781-1783. At first, construction works were supervised by Casper the German, a bricklayer foreman, who was replaced by Giuseppe Fontana II in June 1705. Due to unrest related to the Great Northern War, the works were suspended. In the first stage, the walls of the main corpus and a vault were erected. In 1781, the construction was resumed upon Ignacy Potocki’s initiative. A sacristy and a treasury were built, plasterwork was laid, the church was covered with roof tiles, the facade was reconstructed and the interior was finished (paintings, altars, etc.).


The church is situated in the south-eastern corner of the market, in the middle of a large cemetery, on a small elevation, at the foot of the castle hill. The feature was built on a rectangular floor plan of two squares, with a sacristy and a treasury added on the side of a flat-roofed presbytery. A single-nave church with a barrel vault, covered with a gable roof lined with sheet metal, with a basement. Outside, the façade is separated by Tuscan pilasters in giant order. The front façade in the style of palladian church arrangements. A stepped gable over a triangular tympanum is crowned with a small steeple. The façade exhibits features of tranquil Baroque and early Classicism.

Site accessible to visitors.

compiled by Grzegorz Ryżewski, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Bialystok, 10-09-2014.


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Category: church

Building material:  ceglane

Protection: Register of monuments

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_20_BK.62293