Monastery complex of the Marians, Mariańskie Porzecze
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Monastery complex of the Marians

Mariańskie Porzecze


The feature is an example of the Late Baroque architecture, has outstanding historical values and represents an example of sacred folk architecture of the 18th century.


The parish was founded in 1699 by efforts of Jan Lasocki, cup-bearer of Łuków, along with the construction of the wooden church of Our Lady of Sorrows and the monastery for the Marian Order. The church was burned down in 1769. The construction of the current church was completed in 1776. It was subject to renovation around mid-19th century. Renovated in 1905 - roofs over side naves were elevated, and in 1951 and 1965. The former Marian monastery, currently a rectory, was erected around mid-19th century in place of the former, wooden monastery. It was altered in the second half of the 19th century. In 1864 the Marian Order was abolished. The monastery and the church were taken over by diocesan priests. The monastery building was subject to various alterations and was adapted to serve as a rectory. The Marians returned here in 1966. A general renovation and adaptation of the building was carried out. A wall separating the residential part from the utility rooms was demolished, the corridor was extended, some large rooms were transformed into smaller ones, bathrooms and a chapel.


The Baroque, log wooden church, reinforced by studs, weatherboarded on a brick underpinning. A three-nave structure, with a basilica layout with a transept and a two-tower front façade. A presbytery is equal in height to the main nave, terminating in straight walls. On the sides of the chancel there are rectangular annexes: a porch with a treasury in the north and a porch with a sacristy in the south. Walls of the main nave rest on two pairs of Tuscan pillars separating low side naves. A porch is demarcated in the nave in the west, beyond which there is a choir gallery; two towers on the sides, with slightly protruding avant-corps, housing a storage room and a side porch on the ground floor and two rooms on the second storey. Under the church there are basements: under the main nave they have a barrel vault with lunettes, under the chancel they have a barrel vault and under the side naves they are covered with a beamed ceiling on piers. A two-storey front façade with two towers. Above the cornice that crowns the façades there is a volute-shaped gable between the third, narrower storeys of the towers that include door openings. Roofs: gable roof over the main nave, tripartite roofs covered with wood shingles over the chancel and transept arms, flat roofs covered with sheet metal over side naves, tented roofs with wood shingles over the towers, crowned with quadrangular turrets with steeples and with cupola-like tin spires. There is a quadrangular turret clad with sheet metal and crowned with a sphere and a crucifix over the intersection of the nave and the transept. The interior features a flat ceiling. Rectangular windows; windows in side naves with semicircular arches. A floor made of wide sawn timber, with decoratively arranged battens. The date 1776 is visible on the choir gallery balustrade.

The old building of the Marian monastery, currently a rectory, is a building made of brick with walls covered with plaster. The building was erected on a rectangular floor plan and has one storey. The interior layout features two bays. There is a porch at the front with two columns and two Tuscan semi-columns. Half-hip roof, covered with roof tiles.

The feature is open to visitors throughout the year.

Compiled by Katarzyna Kosior, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Warsaw, 31-10-2014.


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General information

  • Type: church
  • Chronology: 1776 r.
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Mariańskie Porzecze
  • Location: Voivodeship mazowieckie, district garwoliński, commune Wilga
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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