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Tenement house of the Saski family, currently a service and commercial building - Zabytek.pl

Kielce, Rynek 16

woj. świętokrzyskie, pow. m. Kielce, gm. Kielce-gmina miejska

Well-preserved middle-class tenement house from the 19th century, of considerable architectural value, with 18th-century remains, with lavish neo-Baroque décor of the façade and the interior, and preserved original room layout.

Its history is associated with Bronisław Saski, famous pharmacist from Kielce.


In the late 18th century, the property was occupied by a house of merchant Józef Jaworski, the front part of which was masonry and vaulted, while the remaining part was made of wood. After 1821, it underwent alterations involving adding a further floor. Over a decade later, the house was inherited by the Nowiński family. In 1845, the longitudinal plot with a narrow branch in the direction of Mała Street was built-up with two multi-storey masonry houses, including the front house with a pass-through gate on the axis and the rear house at the opposite end of the courtyard, with a vaulted ground floor. Two multi-storey masonry outbuildings were located on the sides. According to a photograph from 1885, the façade of the tenement house adjacent to the market square featured an accentuated shallow central avant-corps and massive pediments over the windows. The next owner, wealthy pharmacist Bronisław Saski, thoroughly modified the building in 1886 by adding a further floor and moving the staircase from the east to the west, among others. The previously modest façade of the tenement house was lavishly decorated with neo-Baroque details; the interiors and the gate were ornamented with lavish plasterwork decoration, and the rooms were equipped with decorative tiled stoves. The ground floor continued to be occupied by a pharmacy (open until 2012); the ground floor was adapted for use as a flat for the owners. In 1938, half of the property was purchased by the Association of Christian Craftsmen (the building housed the Chamber of Crafts). Currently, it is a private property. In the 1990s, the building was renovated. In 2012, the nineteenth-century furniture, plasterwork and wall paintings of the former pharmacy underwent renovation.


The tenement house is situated with its roof ridge parallel to the road, in the middle of a densely built-up area of the southern frontage of the Market Square, where it stands out because of its height. The buildings on the longitudinal plot are located on the perimeter of a narrow courtyard. The front house is connected to two longitudinal outbuildings, and a three-storeyed building is located in the end section of the part. The front tenement house is masonry, three-storeyed, and covered with a gable roof; the basements extend under the whole building. It was erected on a rectangular floor plan. The two-bay interior separates the hallway which adjoins a staircase to the west. The basements are topped with barrel vaults. The five-axial rusticated façade is distinguished by its neo-Baroque décor visible in the richly sculptured balcony on the upper storey, with a massive balustrade and window surrounds. The gate is surmounted by a cartouche bearing the inscription “1886”. All openings on the upper storey are flanked by Ionic columns. Segmental window pediments are decorated with conchas that resemble a shell in shape and laurel wreaths, and balcony friezes are ornamented with a cartouche with the owners’ monogram and cornucopias on the sides. The lavish architectural and plasterwork décor is also characteristic of the interiors, among which the décor of the hallway and the former pharmacy (currently a jewellery store) with its polychrome ceiling stuccowork. The preserved original interior fixtures include door joinery (including lavishly sculptured wooden hallway door), tiled stoves with decorative finials, cast iron balustrade of the stairs, and wooden pharmacy furniture. Earthworks in the market square carried out in 2010 revealed vaulted basements of the older buildings on the property, located in front of the current frontage. Their range overlaps the line of development of 18th-century market arcades.

Limited access to the monument. The structure can be viewed from the outside and in the part occupied by service premises.

compiled by Anna Adamczyk, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Kielce, 14-12-2014.


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Category: tenement house

Building material:  ceglane

Protection: Register of monuments, Monuments records

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_26_BK.70996, PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_E_26_BK.16782