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District Governor’s Office building, Inowrocław
Narodowy Instytut Dziedzictwa pl

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District Governor’s Office building



An example of a 20th-century masonry public building.


It was erected in 1907-1908.


The Municipal Office building is located at 36/38 Roosevelta street, in the western part of town. It was designed in the Gothic Revival style by the Knoch & Kallmeyer company from Halle/Saale. The edifice, erected on an L-shaped floor plan, is a two-storey structure with a basement and a garret. Its walls are made of face brick, adorned by patterns formed by green, glazed brick as well as ceramic profiled bricks, both ordinary and glazed. The upper sections of the walls feature both fragments with a plaster finish and sections of timber framing. The edifice is covered with a tall, multi-pitched roof. The avant-corps are topped with gable roofs, while the turrets feature pyramid-shaped roofs. The main tower is crowned with a tall hip roof surmounted by a steeple. The silhouette of the building is enlivened by a profusion of avant-corps, balconies, projecting sections, loggias, gables and towers. The outline of the building is dominated by a monumental, quadrangular tower jutting out of its south-eastern section. Each of the building’s façade is highly individualised by the presence of exquisite, lavishly designed Gothic Revival detailing, including stepped gables, blind windows covered with plaster, tracery decorations, rosettes, friezes, pinnacles, pointed-arch arcades and ceramic sculptures above the main entrance. Inside, the building features the original, period interior layout and décor. Surviving fixtures and fittings include the wooden doors and windows, staircases, wood panelling, stained glass windows, coffered ceilings and a pair of ornate tiled stoves.

Limited access to the historical monument.

compiled by Kamila Witkowska, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Toruń, 10-12-2014.


  • Architectural monument record sheet, 2000.

General information

  • Type: public building
  • Chronology: 1907-1908 r.
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Roosevelta 36/38, Inowrocław
  • Location: Voivodeship kujawsko-pomorskie, district inowrocławski, commune Inowrocław (gm. miejska)
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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