Bell tower at the Parish Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Cibory-Kołaczki
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Bell tower at the Parish Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary



Example of a wooden auxiliary building, featuring a structure and shape typical of a bell tower.


The bell tower was erected at a wooden parish church in the Zawady commune in the second half of the 18th century. After a new church, of brick, was built in the Zawady commune in 1956, the old church with a bell tower was demolished and relocated to the village of Cibory Kołaczki in the Zawady commune in 1979. In 1980, the building was altered using a new formwork.


The bell tower is situated in the north-western part of the village, in the fenced quadrangular churchyard cemetery, in its north-west corner. It was designed in the Baroque style and built on a square floor plan, with a basement. Its two-part structure is made up of a cuboidal main body and a narrower turret containing bells, topped with a pyramidal hipped roof surmounted by a spire and a cross. The main body is covered with a hip roof.

The tower was built as a wooden post construction on stone foundations. It was covered with vertical board and batten siding. The roof of the main body is covered with shingles, the turret with sheet metal. The ceiling is flat and made of wood. The ground floor rectangular double windows are topped with an overhanging segmental arch. The turret contains rectangular bell openings covered by shutters. The rectangular door opening is filled with a double door.

The structure can be viewed from the outside.

Compiled by Joanna Kotyńska-Stetkiewicz, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Białystok, 22.10.2014 r.


  • Record sheet, Dzwonnica, compiled by Boruch W., 1987, Archive of the Voivodeship Monuments Protection Office in Białystok, Łomża Regional Office.  
  • Katalog Zabytków Sztuki w Polsce, vol. 9: Województwo łomżyńskie, issue: 2: Ciechanowiec, Zambrów, Wysokie Mazowieckie i okolice, Warszawa 1986, pp. 8-10.

General information

  • Type: belfry
  • Chronology: 2. poł. XVIII w.
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Cibory-Kołaczki
  • Location: Voivodeship podlaskie, district białostocki, commune Zawady
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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