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Oblęgorek villa - Zabytek.pl

Busko-Zdrój, 1-Maja 19

woj. świętokrzyskie, pow. buski, gm. Busko-Zdrój-miasto

The building of the "Oblęgorek" villa, erected to provide care of patients arriving to the spa, constitutes an important example of guest-house architecture of Busko-Zdrój originating from the turn of the 19th and 20th century.  The original name refers to a property of the same name, Oblęgorek near Kielce, granted to Henryk Sienkiewicz at that time as a gift of the Polish nation to the writer.


The "Oblęgorek" villa was built in 1903, at the street delimited near the spa park (then Zdrojowa/Zakładowa Street) along which guest-houses and villas started to appear then. The date and names of the founders were commemorated in the inscription on the façade: "Built by Feliks and Maria Honowscy"; they were deserved citizens of the town of Busko. In the 1930s, the building was purchased by Walenty Sobowski who run a luxurious guest-house there, partially open also in times of occupation. After the war, the buildings was used by the State Health Resort; first, in years 1946-1966, it housed a management office, then a spa. In mid-1980s, the management of the Health Resort purchased the villa from the Sobowski family and since that time it has been providing spa services (currently as part of Busko-Zdrój SA.) In the next years, the villa underwent renovation and adaptation works, while the basic fabric of the building remained unchanged.


The building is located in the main street which is purely spa in nature and constitutes an integral part of urban development comprising the spa part of the town  The two-storey, free-standing villa is seated on a rectangular floor plan and its front façade is virtually symmetrical, with slightly retracted avant-corps housing a vestibule (upper loggia in the past) and a staircase. The façade has six axes and is flanked by two avant-corps, rusticated at the level of the ground floor and plain above, but decorated with pilasters running across both storeys (supporting entablature and triangular gables) whose axes are additionally emphasised by palmettes over them. In the central part of the façade, at the level of the ground floor, there is a three-axis arcade, resting on rusticated (similarly as in the case of the avant-corps) pillars. The topping cornice and the plate of the second-storey balcony are supported: on the sides, by grooved pillars, and in the middle — by a plain column. All the elements rest on richly decorated plinths. The villa is covered with a hip roof, but the axis of the façade is strongly emphasised because of the dome atop of it, built on a rectangular plan, covered by a spherical roof and topped with a small  belvedere-balcony. Layout of the interior is two-and-a-half-bay (corridor layout), with new partition walls resulting from the change in the standards of use. The building is made of brick and in basements — partially of stone; the roof truss is wooden, the roof is covered with sheet metal, and façades are plastered. The condition of the building is quite good (ongoing renovations are carried out), but the façades have not been recently refreshed and show signs of wear and tear.

The building is opened mainly for spa guests.

Compiled by Dariusz Kalina, 22.12.2014.


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Category: villa

Building material:  kamienne

Protection: Register of monuments, Monuments records

Inspire id: PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_N_26_BK.66511, PL.1.9.ZIPOZ.NID_E_26_BK.36064