Roman Catholic church, parish of St Mary Magdalene, Brzeźnica
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Roman Catholic church, parish of St Mary Magdalene



A valuable example of Baroque architecture with a uniform architectural form and original fittings.


The first church in Brzeźnica, built by the order of Augustinians, was referenced in 1376. The order managed it until its secularisation in 1810, except for the years 1539-1578 when the church belonged to the Protestant community. The new, Baroque church was built in the years 1703-1705 in the place of a former one, using lower sections of the brick tower from the 16th century. It was renovated in the years 1934-1936.


The church is located on a small hill on the north-eastern side of the main road, on a square circumscribed by a wall which separates the rectory located on the south-east. The church is Baroque in style and has the form of a three-nave basilica, with a chancel terminating in a semi-hexagon from the east, a tower from the west, porches by the northern and southern wall of side naves, annexes on a semi-circular floor plan by the western walls of side naves, and a sacristy on the northern side of the chancel. The tower was built on a square floor plan. It is cuboidal, buttressed in the corners, and topped with a hip tented mansard roof clad in sheet metal. Over the other sections of the church, there are multi-pitched, shed, and conical roofs covered with beaver tail tiles arranged in a “lace” pattern. The church is made of brick, with a preserved fragment of stone wall in the lower section of the tower. The building is plastered The façades are regularly partitioned with pilasters and profiled cornices, and pierced with segmental arch windows. The tower and the porches are rusticated at the corners. The transept and the southern porch are topped with volute-shaped gables. The church interior is covered with groin vaults, on arches in the main nave. The vaults of the main nave and the chancel are covered with stucco and painted decorations. Between the naves, there are semi-circular arcades based on piers and separated with pilasters and entablature. In the side naves, there are surviving galleries with baluster balustrades. By the entrance to the sacristy, there is a portal with a foundation plaque. The lavish, uniform interior fittings come from the time of construction of the church. They include: main altarpiece with a painting of the Crucifixion and St Mary Magdalene, side altar of St John of Nepomuk of 1735, and ambo made between 1710 and 1720. In the tower, there is a bell from 1579.

Limited access to the historic building. Interior tours available upon prior appointment.

compiled by Anna Jackiewicz, Regional Branch of the National Heritage Board of Poland in Zielona Góra, 15-12-2014.


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General information

  • Type: church
  • Chronology: 1703 - 1705
  • Form of protection: register of monuments
  • Address: Brzeźnica
  • Location: Voivodeship lubuskie, district żagański, commune Brzeźnica
  • Source: National Heritage Board of Poland


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