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Post-Uniate churches of Podlachia Region - Zabytek.pl

Post-Uniate churches of Podlachia Region

Almost to mid-19th century, Podlasie was a world almost exclusively built of wood. Competing, in a manner of speaking, with monumental architecture, more humble donors and local builders working for them erected wooden churches that strived to match the stone and brick architecture in terms of artistic craftsmanship.

The unification of both rites as part of the Union of Brest of 1596 initiated the process of Latinisation of the Orthodox Church, which lasted until the dissolution of the Union by the tzar administration in 1839 on the lands incorporated to the empire, and in 1875, in the Kingdom of Poland. In view of the limited durability of wood from which churches of the Orthodox rite were made, historical buildings from the pre-Uniate period have not survived to the present day. Therefore, the oldest Orthodox churches of the present Podlaskie voivodeship are post-Uniate churches in which Latin influences are often clearly visible.